Have you ever met one of those people who just seem to fall ass backwards into money no matter what they do? Or on the other side, someone who tries and tries but just can not seem to make a dime no matter what they do? What do you think the difference is? Is easy money guy that much smarter than no money guy? Probably not. But whether he knows it or not, he practices the best money making secret there is.

You see, with a few exceptions, it does not really matter what method you choose to make money. Money can be made in hundreds of different ways. Intelligence and strategy does play a role, but even if you're Einstein smart and the best planner in the world, if your belief system is not right, you'll never be among the rich and successful.

What I mean is, if you can not seem to make any real money no matter what you do, then you definitely have limiting beliefs about money holding you back. A limiting belief can be anything from "Money is the root of all evil," to "I do not deserve to be rich," to "Rich people are all snobs." There are a million of them, and most of us have one or more buried in our subconscious that's holding us back from attracting our share.

I know for me it was a simple as watching my dad go to work at the same job for almost 40 years. He obviously did not mean any harm, but seeing that planted that seed in my subconscious that working for someone else was the way to do things. It ended up stifling my entrepreneurial spirit and holding me back for years.

Luckily, there are ways to clear these limiting beliefs and get yourself on the right track. Once you do, you will simply be amazed at how easily money flows into your life. It literally just shows up from places you never even thought of. If you've been struggling since your best efforts, clear your beliefs … I promise you will not regret it.

Source by Tyler Richards