Many people work a nine to five job five days a week. Whats even worse than this is they often have a jerk for a boss and they live from paycheck to paycheck. It is a shame that people have to be miserable at a job that barely supplies enough money to support their family keeps them from reaching their goals and desires in life.

Anybody who has ever been online has seen get rich quick schemes. These schemes promote doing absolutely nothing and getting paid while you are just laying around. The truth is that this is not necessarily the case. There are many ways to make money online and get paid while you sleep but it takes a good amount of learning and work before that can happen.

One of the best ways to make a good living and being your own boss is through the internet. There are many different ways to make money online but one of the best ways is through becoming an affiliate. An affiliate registers with an intermediary company such as ClickBank or Commission Junction. Upon signing with one of these companies, they can choose from a list of affiliate programs with which they get commission for each sale that is closed due to their efforts.

Being an affiliate is all about advertising other companies. When you choose an affiliate program you are assigned a link and every time your link is clicked, you have an opportunity to make some money. Typically a cookie is place on somebody's computer after clicking your link and it remains for 30 days or so. If that person buys something off of the website within that 30 days, you will get a percentage of the sale as commission.

The next step is to get a lot of traffic clicking on your links. Where there is a lot of traffic, there are a lot of sales. If there is an estimated conversion rate of 3%, and the seller is selling an e-book for $ 50 offering a 50% commission, you will get about $ 75 for every 100 viewers. When you are involved with multiple programs at the same time getting this kind of money, it can really start to add up.

Source by Cody Schwem