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A good source to find a great collection of Arabic Books in Egypt is There is a large amount of book stores that carry books in this language ranging from topics about life, arts, culture, literature, history, and politics and so on. This place is indeed a book heaven for books and Arabic books are no exception. is providing their customers the ease of shopping from their huge inventories from the comfort of their own homes across the globe.

From you can order a whole range of Arabic Books by the world known Arabic writers. A catalogue of our Arabic books is as follow

  1. Biographies of some of the world known personalities
  2. Translations from several languages to Arabic
  3. Books over business issues and opportunities
  4. Books for the children of various ages starting from 0 to 14 years
  5. Books over contemporary topics that you wouldn’t find any where else in Egypt
  6. Books over Egyptian culture featuring Egyptian traditions
  7. Booklets over the Egyptian and world economies featuring the latest economic trends and speculations
  8. General knowledge books covering each and every event happening in the present world
  9. Books over history and geography of Egypt starting from the Egyptian pharaohs to the modern Egyptian history covering pre-dynastic Egypt, dynastic Egypt old kingdom to the late period,
  10. Health and fitness books featuring issues related to general health and well being
  11. A range of Books over Egyptian art and Arabic poetry
  12. A vast range of science books over covering applied science, medical science and psychological science.

Apart from these all these books can also be obtained in English as well. So if you are got that thirst for literary works in you or want to have Arabic or English books, you can have them from us at a very affordable price. We deliver the books at your door steps with shipment. So go through our diverse catalogue and select a book that you like and place in your order. We will be dropping that book the given address. If you have liked any of our books don’t hesitate to place in your order. For more information you can log on to us at:

Source by Mark Callaway