Everyone wants to make their birthday successful and memorable for a longer period of time. You would always love to throw a party to your friends, colleagues and family that too in a different way. There are number of creative birthday idea to apply for your birthday this year. There is virtually no limit to the creative birthday idea. You can make it as good as you want or probably choose some tried and tested birthday idea.

You can go for a themed birthday parties in NYC which could include costume party theme, some casino party theme or may be few more attractive themes. You may also choose some specific period theme and then specify on the invitations the kind of costumes which the visitors are required to wear. One example of such themed party includes Hollywood theme in which the visitors have to dress up like a movie character. The whole party area is also dressed in such a way that you will feel some popular movie scenes is going to happen. The complete decoration should go with the opted theme of the party. It is among the hardest birthday ideas bit if it is planned properly, it can be the most memorable one.

A perfect birthday idea would be to go for a vacation or stay longer with your friends and relatives. You may also love to go to a place in where you can recall your childhood memories.

You can even hire some good party space to plan birthday parties in NYC. Call your family and friends to a night club, manor, yacht, and a bowling alley. And lastly the decisive creative birthday idea is do nothing. Do completely nothing or little especially on that special occasion. These are some of the ways which can help you to make your day special and memorable.

Source by Caren Dorothy