Ask any family with pets. They’ll tell you how difficult it is to lock their pet at home when heading out to the store or maybe even on vacation. Others who still take their pets with them will be concerned about their pet’s safety in the car. So what do you do you’re keen on going out, but worried about leaving your lovable pet back or anxious about its safety in the car? You can breathe easy with the Coastal Easy Rider Car Harness. This is a safe and easy-to-use dog car harness.

What exactly is a car harness? A dog car harness can be connected to the front or rear seat belt. This is a restraint system designed to make travelling with your pet dog easier and more convenient. All dogs have a habit of sticking their necks out while riding in the car. If you pet gets excited, it may distract you causing you to take your eyes off the road. This is dangerous for you as well as your pet. Coming to cases of car accident, god forbid if it were to occur, using a dog car harness will prevent your dog from being thrown out when riding.

Tupelo Super Store offers a wide range of dog car safety harnesses that lets you buckle up your pet and hit the road with confidence. The Coastal Easy Rider Car Harness from Tupelo Super Store is perfect for a large dog with a chest girth of 24 inches to 38 inches. The Coastal Easy Rider Car Harness, made from tough nylon web material, is fitted with a secure metal hardware clasp. The wide and soft padded chest in the Coastal Easy Rider Car Harness is completely non-irritable and will offer great comfort for your pet. The Easy Rider Car Harness also provides extra protection to your pet’s chest and rib areas.

You can also be assured that your pet can sit on the seat or even stand up to look outside the window. Even though this dog car safety harness is typically designed for canine vehicle travel, it can also be used as a standard walking harness when out of the car. Whether you’re going on short trips or long rides with your dog, make sure your pet is securely fitted with the Coastal Easy Rider Car Harness. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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