If you need to choose a professionally qualified moving company to complete your next moving task you should strongly consider doing some research ahead of time. A smart consumer takes the time to look into a few different companies before they settle on an individual moving company. Here are some top consumer checklist items that you should take care of in the hunt for a moving company. Use this guide to help you get the very best moving company on your next move.

Check moving reviews:  moving reviews are one of the greatest aspects of the industry. With the help of online review sites like yelp, Angie’s list and more eating quickly find past user testimonials regarding the customer service, the value and more for a moving company. Checking through moving reviews and looking for any warning signs ahead of time can really help to prevent issues later on. If you happen to find a number of moving reviews that suggest a company is ill-equipped, regularly late or careless it might be a good idea to move on.

Check Better Business Bureau moving reviews: a standing with the Better Business Bureau as well as a seal of approval suggesting that the company is bonded and insured is extremely important. Having full security in place in the event of the worst-case scenario will help to prevent major costs down the road. If a company is fully insured and bonded you also won’t be responsible for accidents should they occur on your property.

Get multiple quotes: Most moving companies will provide you with a free estimate or quote but it’s important to dismiss moving companies that only quote over the phone or online forms immediately. A legitimate moving company will come to your place of residence or storage locker to check out some of the items that you have to be moved. Taking a general interest in what needs to be moved and planning out your moving day is important to professional quoting. Getting multiple quotes from companies that are willing to spend the time to come to your location and assess your move will help you to get accurate quotes as well as the greatest value for money from a moving company.

Look at experience: Ultimately you’ll want to have a moving company in your corner that’s going to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. If the company has just started up in the industry they are going to be as well-equipped as a company that’s been in business for years. Check some online Moving Reviews or company websites to make a company has several years of experience in their industry.

Use this checklist to help you get the best possible moving services for your next move.

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