The popularity of the concept of piercing has initiated more and more craftsmen to come up with innovative designs of the body jewellery. You can find different styles of belly rings, earrings, nose rings, lip rings etc in the market. If you have got your navel pierced recently, then this article would help you in choosing the perfect belly ring.

The dangling belly rings are considered to be the amazing navel jewellery offering you a wide range of patterns. Dangles can extend the jewellery to the waist or lower. The reverse dangles and the cascading dangles match perfectly with the low-waist dresses. These dangling belly rings are made from different materials like glass, steel, sterling silver, titanium, gold, rhodium, niobium, etc. The organic materials like the bones and teeth are also used for making the dangling belly rings. There are unique varieties of dangles that are designed with various combinations of materials like Venetian hand-blown glass.

There is also the use of the polished stones while making the dangling belly rings. The commonly used stones for this purpose include diamonds, Swarovski Austrian crystals, zirconium, amethysts, rubies, pearls, corals, etc. You can choose your favorite color of the dangling belly ring. Dangling belly rings are available in a wide variety ranging from simple hangings to the casino and the sandal hangings. These belly rings also come in shapes of animals like cats, dolphins, lizards, or gecko along with the ones popular among the children namely the patterns of fairies, fruits and flowers. Chandeliers, drops, hearts, stars, and teddy bears are the evergreen favorites among a majority of youngsters. The other hot varieties of the dangling belly rings include the ones with the play and patriotic themes, crosses and crucifixes, motorcycle riders etc. The dangling belly rings with the designs of snakes, skulls and other horrifying themes are also popular among the people of an adventurous outlook.

I would suggest that the dangling belly ring you purchase should always be in accordance to your dress as it can enhance the beauty of your dress and your personality as a whole.

Source by Shipra Kaul