Whether you are new to the stock market and looking for a market education, or you’re a more experienced stock market trader looking for additional stock market trading tips, the CFD FX Report can suit your unique trading needs. The CFD Report and FX Report have been designed to suit people trading in the stock market, CFD market and Forex market with one goal in mind: to make money regardless of market conditions.

The CFD Report and FX Report are produced daily by our team of experienced stock market and Forex traders. They provide market summaries of what has happened on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and world stock markets, including the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Hang Seng and FTSE 100, among others. The CFD Report and FX Report cover the major movers and shakers on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), analyzing their recent price movements and discussing what is likely to happen during the following market day and how you can profit.

It doesn’t matter whether the stock markets are rising or falling, or a particular currency pair is up or down – we use trading strategies and find trading setups to suit all market conditions, including swing trading, momentum trading and pattern breakouts. Our experienced stock market and currency traders use in-depth technical analysis combined with fundamental analysis to generate trading tips for the following day. We suggest what market to buy or short and at what price, where to set your stop-loss level and where to exit the trade. This level of detail assists our clients in reaching their goal of becoming more profitable traders.

We also provide a real-time SMS and email alert system, notifying you of our trade setups with an entry price and an exit price so you can act quickly to seize market profits. So if one of our particular trading tips hits the stock price we suggested in the report we will send a message to you immediately via email and SMS directly to your mobile phone.

At CFD FX REPORT we believe in stock market education. Knowledge is paramount. The well-informed trader is more likely to be a successful trader. Every day in our CFD Report and FX Report we provide an education lesson, covering the basics of the stock market, technical analysis, fundamentals, money management, trading strategies, technical indicators, contracts for difference and much more.

Finding the right online equities broker, CFD provider, or Forex broker can be as important as selecting a winning trade. So at CFD FX Report we have recently researched online brokers for the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and currency markets, investigating the quality of their customer service, online broker facilities and ease of use, what they offer for listed stocks on the Singapore Stock Exchange and how user-friendly and transparent these providers are. To find out more about what we discovered go to our section Finding a Broker.

Upcoming events affecting the Singapore Stock Exchange and world markets are found in our daily events calendar. We keep you ahead of the game, letting you know when stocks from the Singapore Stock Exchange are announcing dividends or earnings, and when the major world markets are anticipating important meetings, such as central bank policy meetings, that affect our economies and markets.

With all of this combined knowledge and experience you can see why the CFD FX REPORT is the stock market and forex market trading tool that traders need.

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CFD FX Report is a real time tool for clients with an interest in the trading of stocks, indices and commodities globally.CFDs (Contracts For Differences) are one of the worlds’ fastest growing trading instruments that allows clients to profit from a rising and falling market. The CFD FX Report is a company comprising of expert traders that analyse the market daily and are able to make recommendations for the following day trades based on this analysis. The CFD FX Report is released everyday at 6.30 p.m. (Singapore time) for review by the clients for the next trading day.
We provide sms and email service for our trade ideas as well as full member support. The trading tool that traders need. Free 1 week trial

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