Blackjack was once the most popular casino game. It could not have been simpler. The player who comes closest to 21 without going bust wins. Now poker is giving blackjack a run for the money, capturing the hearts and minds of more and more people. The World Series of Poker was created nearly 40 years ago by Jack Binion. But in the last 10 years poker has the growth worthy of a fortune 500 company. The success of the World Series of Poker has spawned another industry in itself with more poker games featured on TV, magazines and more media outlets. This exposure has increased poker's popularity many times over and people realize anyone can play and more and more people join in.

Along with the increase popularity is the increasing jackpots. The original winner won $ 30,000 in 1971. By 2009 the winner took home over $ 8,000,000. 00 – yes 8 million dollars. Very good for looking at numbers and hedging bets. There's a lot more to it than hedging bets including strategy, bluffing, luck, card counting and more ways to give the player an advantage. The jackpots today are a major incentive to learn and play. And even the smaller winners, the bracelet winners, take home nice paydays for winning along the way. And there are many tournaments throughout the year to test and hone poker skills.

The kicker in more people playing is the internet. Many online casinos offer online satellites where everyone from anywhere can play from the home computer. Leron Washington won $ 100,000 in the WPT, World Poker Tour. Online poker gives many more opportunities to enter big tournaments unless you live in Vegas or where tournaments are being played. Poker is anyone's game anyone can join, anyone can win. And with the increase in popularity the winners have become celebrities in their own right with casino endorsements, and coaching lessons via internet of land casinos.

The most common form of poker variations played is no limit Holdem poker and Omaha poker but most tournaments have the largest types of poker but the maximum jackpot is usually no limit Holdem poker. Also played are pot limit Holdem poker, Omaha hi / lo and pot limit, razz or low-ball and more. Poker is becoming the most popular card game played in casinos because of media exposure such as the TV, internet and print magazines.

Source by Hugh Young