The  game of darts is highly popular and exciting game which people enjoy all over the world.  During 18th century this game was basically considered as a pub game but gradually over the years it became a well recognised sport. The game of darts has specially gained a lot of popularity in United States and United Kingdom compared to other countries.

The selection of accurate kind of dart depends on the player’s personal interest and taste. You can find a wide variety of darts these days but selection of the dart most suitable for you can help in improving your accuracy level and also the performance.

In the game of darts the players are needed to throw 3 darts per turn from the line in the behind which is approximately 5 feet away from the board. The board in this game is divided into total 20 numbers. Basically when the dart player hits a number he or she gets the points based on that specific number. If a player hits the bull’s eye correctly which is in the centre, he or she gets 50 points. In a single turn the highest score possible for a player is 180 which are corresponding to three triple 20s.

The dart games ‘around the clock’ and ‘killer’ are considered to be very entertaining. The players playing ‘around the clock’ game are required to hit the numbers in the range of 1 to 20 in ascending order. They finish this game by hitting the bull’s eyes. Whoever hits the bull’s eye at the first place is regarded as the winner.

The player playing the killer game need to throw one dart and the specific number which they hit is considered to be ‘their’ number for that game. A player is entitled to ‘5 lives’ and become the ‘killer’ if he or she hits a specific number five times. The player entitled to ‘5 lives’ can hit the numbers of other players in this game & if it is done the other player loses life. The player who is left ‘alive’ at the last is the considered to be the winner of this game.

In order to play this game it’s essential that you learn the tips on how to throw the darts. You need practice to a great extend on your throwing style which you think suits best to you. It’s better to practice and focus on one single throwing style rather than trying to change it every time. It’s indeed a fun game but it also got its rules and regulations.

Source by Edward