Playing cards are a great way to spend quality time with family, children, lover and friends. You can steal the weekends from your and loved ones' busy schedule and urge them to play with you. This way you not only ensure that you have a good time with them, but have many other benefits which we will discuss here. This article is all about how to get connected with your family and friends through playing cards and have a splendid time together on a regular basis while you take positive steps towards bonding with each other.

Through playing cards, you can teach your children different card games that are played around the world. You can also teach them the ill effects of gambling and where to draw the line when playing with cards. This will program them for the future as well. Also you can teach many other virtues and lessons of life (like success and failure) through a fun way.

Playing cards are a wonderful way to test intelligence and smartness. This is a great and safe way to connect and have fun with friends. You can also play memory games to see who remembers better and faster. Playing with cards leads to a lot of laughter, arguments, quarrels and celebration of victory and failure – these moments prepare us for life and also are a great way to connect and spend good time with friends.

Playing cards can be a good way to unite with your lover or spouse. This is a sneak peek into your friend's personality and how he or she reacts to situations. This is helpful especially in case of people who have just met each other. This leads to a lot of quality time spent, builds a strong foundation in a relationship and keeps it interesting and spicy.

Source by Mike Joe