The problem with doing affiliate marketing and the reason that most people don’t want to do this is because they are paying for advertising and somebody is coming to their site. But this is not a sure guarantee that the visitor of the page will buy.

What if they don’t buy? What if they don’t opt-in? Well, that problem is solved with something called an invisible popup. Basically, invisible popup is a little bit of code that you plug in to a page and it simulates clicking a link which embeds attracting cookie.

So when somebody visits your page and you got this invisible popup, you no longer have to try to get them to click on a ‘click here to buy now’ icon link.

With the invisible popup, your hands are no longer tied based upon what the merchant wants you to do. Flexibility is one of the best things that this will give you as an internet marketer.

You are an internet marketer. The rest of the world does not think of that. Chances are, most people will come to you site they read “Hey this guy has got a glorying review of this product, I’m helping to sell that product” but they are not looking for my affiliate link to click on to go buy the product.

The simple little technique, the invisible popup can double your sales with the exact same amount of traffic. All you will have to do there is include a little piece of software.

As an example, you can go to and it will redirect to somebody else’s website. You won’t exactly name the product that it goes to. But you just fill in like to read between the lines.

This is the most convenient piece of software, an amazing tool for your internet marketing business. It creates its code, you copy and paste that into your page, somebody lines on your page and it simulates cookie in the link.

The invisible popup allows you the flexibility to do. With it you basically get an affiliate link, people click, and it goes to whatever page you prefer– that page where the merchant wants the customer to go to.

One good strategy is to take other people’s products, rewrite their sales letter, make it a great sales letter, do an invisible popup, send them to your page and the person never sees that this merchant exists.

Seasoned internet marketers use the invisible popup to drop any affiliate cookie, so they will no longer be required with so much. When you employ these tactics to yourself it is like declaring: ‘I am not going to rely on them to make the sale, I am going to take 100 percent responsibility for making the sale.’

With the invisible popup, you are planting the cookie on the person’s computer so when they do reach the sales you are guaranteed to receive the commission.

Ultimately, commissions must be seen as secondary to acquiring a lead. The invisible popup will truly help you eliminate your fears of losing a commission because it will make sure you won’t lose any single earning.

Source by Joel Christopher