If you think that The Midas Method is your best friend, you are making a grievous mistake because it is your worst enemy. The new trading system was launched to steal your money. So you should stay away from it. This warning has become very important, because Midas Method is aggressively promoted by affiliate marketers. The interest of marketers is not to help you make money, rather they are promoting it to earn money for themselves. If you were one of those contacted through spam messages, then you have to ignore it, because it would amount to a wasted investment.

We are certain that the Midas Method is a scam. It is promoted by scam artists. Moreover, it has all the attributes of scam attributes. In this new review, you are going to discover that it is full of inconsistencies and fake earnings. You will find it hard to believe any information presented, because of the tactics presented by the app is at variance with binary options market.

It is obvious that makers of the system were uneducated people because they are trying to use a method they do not know anything about. If you were familiar with King Midas Method, it would not take you time to discover that you are dealing with a scam app promoted by criminals who do not know anything about the financial assets market.

The system claims that it can work on one hundred percent autopilot and that it can earn you more than $1350 everyday irrespective of your investment capital. When you go through the website, you can see this claim. What we can understand about this app is that they tried hard to deceive people using the authority of the Midas Method, incidentally, they have failed because they do not know anything about this method, especially as it affects the financial assets market. It would be a mistake to identify with a system that does not know the theory it tries to propagate. This is the worst scam we are reviewing. Read this article to find those red flags that make this app very unpopular among professional traders.

Website: MidasMethod.co

Why the Midas Method is a Scam?

We are going to bring forward those specific evidences that portray this app as a scam. We are going to start from the creator of the trading app.

Ryan Anderson is Not Real – Fake Midas Method CEO – Busted !

We are going to start this review from the founder of the system Ryan Anderson. Though we did not find his image in the video, it appears that he acted through a voice actor. We have checked the system and discovered that the man is fake. He is not actually what he claimed he is. We searched the internet about him, especially in those websites related to the binary options market, and we did not see anything that can convince anybody that he is a professional trader. He does not have any social media account. There is no way you can trust a trading app you are not sure of its founder.

Unrealistic Claims In Midas Method Website Exposed !!

Another thing we discovered about Midas Method, which we tagged red flag is the unrealistic earnings claims. It claimed that with an initial deposit of $250 that you can earn daily trading income of $1350. This earning is seriously doubted. Perhaps the most doubting of their earning positions is the two trading account balance of $329,789 and $376,104. He claimed that he earned these within one month and it was earned with a trading opening balance of $250. This is not realistic. We believe that they posted that figure just to deceive investors, especially new traders that they can earn enormous income by using the trading system.

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Fake Information & Reviews

The creator claimed that the app has been making consistent incomes for more than one month as you can see from the earnings posting screenshots. This is misleading and the intent is to deceive people to invest in the app. We have checked the creation day and discovered that the website was not yet one month old. From where has it been making hundreds of thousands posted? This is a scam, there is no iota of truth in any of its claims.

Fake Gift Card & Scam Tactics !!

Another red flag we easily spotted is the claim of $250 gift card you will get if you fund your live trading account. We are seriously doubting whether it is a gift card. It is not a gift card, rather it is a bonus, which would be added to your live trading account. There is always a problem with such bonus. There are several strings attached to it and that is to make it practically impossible for you to withdraw the earnings. You cannot withdraw and it would be difficult for you to meet the withdrawal limit because you will be allowed to trade on less volume. The aim is to ensure that you do not reach that withdrawal threshold. This is not a gift, rather it is a ploy to steal and luck your account with the broker. Do not be deceived by such fake promise. If they want to make things easier for you, they should have used regulated brokers who will make it easier for you to gain access to your account anytime you want it.

No Authority Supported The Midas Method App

The system does not provide opportunity for the demo trading account to offer its users the opportunity to try the app before funding their live trading account. We checked whether the app was endorsed by any of the authority endorsement sites, we did not see any. At least, it should have been endorsed by one authority. This could have added credibility to the system, unfortunately, it does not record even a single endorsement. As we said earlier, it does not even rank high on the search engines. This is to tell you that many people are not aware of it. It is not surprising that they have resorted to mass spam messaging to gain attention. This is another reason you should distance yourself from the signal service provider.

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You are now convinced through this review that the Midas Method is a scam. Stay away from the system. Any money spent on it is nothing but a complete waste.

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