Everyone wants to know the number 1 way to trade Forex profitably.  Or they want to know the “best” way to trade Forex.  This leads to questions like…

Is it with a “secret” system? 
Is it scalping?
Is it day trading?
Is there a magic indicator?
Is it an automated FX robot?

And when you think about it, there really are a lot of ways you can go about trading Forex!

Well, I’m going to tell you something that is both profound… and might make you mad.

The number one way to trade Forex is to find the trading method that fits your personality, goals, risk tolerance, etc… and then FOCUS on learning the methods, gaining experience and developing your trading skills.  Don’t get distracted by all the hype, and focus on the style of trading Forex that feels right to you.  Then just put in the time to MASTER that trading method or style.

I know, this might not be what you were hoping for.  I’m sure you were looking for more of a difinitive answer.  But the truth is, the “number 1 way”, or “best” way to trade is different for each individual trader.

But I will give you an hint…

Understanding that the best way to trade Forex really depends on YOU, there is one form of trading that most successful traders migrate towards.  This is Price Action Forex Trading.  So, if you want to jump to the head of the class as fast as possible… this might be where you should be looking for the right way to trade Forex for you.

You see, many traders go on a journey that includes using robots, black box systems and plenty of indicators.  But when the robots fail to perform, or the system doesn’t work in certain market conditions or they fail to find the “magic” combination of indicators… they turn to price action trading.

I’ve heard many stories of this being the turning point in their trading careers.  When they stopped looking for something else to trade for them (robots, systems, indicators), and learned how to read price action and make their own trading decisions… they finally found success.

So, if you are still looking for the number 1 way to trade Forex, you might want to give price action Forex trading a try.  If you are sick of looking for the Holy Grail combination of indicators, it might be time to get rid of them all together.  Price action Forex trading is a skill that can help you turn the corner and go from struggling trader, to profitable trader.

Source by Edward Lomax