This question is answered statistics US Census Bureau. Government data show that the vast majority of people in Washington – is Black American – 54.4%, Whites are only one-third – 36.1%. That is, the bureaucratic machine of the state apparatus is unwound hands black minority of America, which at the national level is only 12.3%.

And this became the norm, which manifests itself in many events of daily life. For example, a “fight for their rights all the higher-echelon positions of power in the Fire Investigation Unit of Washington passed into the hands of black Americans. And so it was a few decades. In 2007, the government suddenly gave way, he was appointed head of Dennis L. Rubin, who came up with a new race-based policy, from which a number of African Americans in the department declined to 40%. The reaction was not slow to say – two perturbed injustice black employee appealed to the Federal Court (Washington Post, April 2009).


The situation in Washington, DC exclusive? There is a characteristic of all major economic and political centers.

In the north-east of the country in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) white residents make up 42.5%, and Black Americans – 43,5%. Government city black mayor, 8 of 17 members of the Concil-legal structure of municipal government, of course, black, black police chief, etc. In the suburbs of Philadelphia, the situation is completely different – white 84.1%, and blacks only 8.1% (for comparison were used characteristics Montgomery Co.).

Consider the situation in the south-west of the country, in California. In Los Angeles, the bulk of the population are three minorities: blacks (9.9%), Hispanic (48.4%) and Asians (12%). These are the “minority” who have the statistical majority, in effect and govern the city, and the entire country. Just as in Pennsylvania, the situation changes dramatically below the metropolis: in Orange Co. majority of the white population – 63%.

On the “Wild South” in Texas, working the same processes, namely: protected “minority” congregate in large cities. In Houston’s black residents make up 24.1%, Hispanic – 41.9%, and in the suburbs (Fort Bend Co.) – Respectively 20.5% and 23.6%.

It’s not a skin color. The basis of this process are not racial differences. Keyword – minority, which the U.S. provided additional almost unlimited rights. More precisely, the right not to give, take the right … This shows another example …

When asked in what part of America’s most gay-partner, leading a joint household, the vast majority of Americans give the wrong answer. They call Los Angeles, New York. And statistics show that most gay couples in Washington (2.5%), and then in Los Angeles. The principle of concentration of these sexual minorities in large cities is the same as in the case of racial features: in Los Angeles, same sex couples make up 2.4%, while in the suburb of only 1.6% in Houston – 2.0%, and in the suburbs – 0.8% in Philadelphia – 2.2%, in the suburbs – 1.8%.


SUMMARY: The lumpen proletariat (from it. Lumpen-rags) – a term introduced by Karl Marx to describe the lower strata of the proletariat. Lumpenproletarian – declassed elements, people without social roots of moral code, ready to obey strong, that is, the real and present government (Prof. M. Karelian and prof. Perevalov VD).

In politically correct America of the Lumpenization talk is not accepted, however, for the first time the mechanism of this process, I read in the history of one of the oldest universities in the country – Temple University, located in Philadelphia, the oldest and most beautiful part of downtown. Rather, once the most beautiful part … Now it resembles Stalingrad after the blockade. Most of the buildings designed by famous architects in the 18-19 centuries were destroyed and boarded up. Good intentions. The road to hell is paved with …

It all began with “benign” program number 8, which requires city officials to provide cheap or free to low-income housing. Life for it has been allocated, but the people living in the unique historic buildings  naturally, did not think about their safety. The historic center of Philadelphia began to collapse. The process of resettlement of the white population in the suburbs. There they built themselves new homes, open schools and universities. In the history of Temple that the resettlement process is called flight of white flies. White flies discovered in Abington – a small town in the north of Philadelphia, the new campus, which began to learn their children. And the center of Philadelphia every year more and more owned by minorities, are increasingly destroyed. Almost 90% of the historical «Germantown» – is African Americans.

The city authorities were unable to maintain the historical architectural monuments, since they do not have enough budget: to shift the people s prosperity came to those who lived on some kind of fed aid. This means that revenues from taxes the city began to decline. Naturally, the property tax and tax on the school each year grew … And it came to that city authorities have decided that for the normalization of the financial situation in schools in the city to open … casino … Casino, which in the U.S. belong to the Native Americans and Black Americans minorities.

Every year became higher tuition and Temple university. Above – because it was from a student’s tuition pay for therapy in the downtown, most of whom are uninsured. With all the health problems they come in a university hospital, which, of course, takes all, and pay for medical services of students.

This situation is not only in hospitals, in every detail of daily life. Philadelphia became the cradle of lumpen. Things went so far that almost a quarter of its population – people with incomes below the subsistence minimum. Fighters for the rights of minorities say that just as many poor in the city, so poorly defended … You can say so, but you can in another way … The city thrives blatant fraud and the evidence not far to seek: 25.9% of Ukrainian immigrants have documents on disability and receive state benefits. This is a crime, or the whole Chernobyl moved to America?

By definition, sociologists “Lumpenization society means an increase in the share of these segments of the population and distribution of Psychology lumpen in social crisis.” It is this process we are witnessing in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington and other major economic centers in the U.S..

Houston 73.4% of immigrants do not have U.S. citizenship, in Philadelphia – 53.4%, in Los Angeles – 61.3%, in Washington – 65.4%.

On the social benefits from the state, and hence the money work of America in Philadelphia, 27.4% of residents live in Houston – 18.8%, in Los Angeles – 19.7% and in Washington – 19.2%. Every tenth Hustonian receives food stamps, and in Philadelphia, and even more – 15.5%, in Los Angeles – 5.4%, and in a respectable U.S. capital – 9,6%. It is no wonder why Washington is in second place in the country after Detroit by the number of criminal offenses, Philadelphia on the second place, and Houston – in the ninth.

TOOLS Lumpenization

Liberal leaders founded in America many universities that teach their students the methods of seizing power by increasing the role of labor movements. That is, there are two parallel processes: a minority struggling for their rights, and politicians manipulate the activity of these groups and send them to the desired channel. For example, famous for its radicalism Midwest Academy-train personnel for the unions, which in recent years not only control the Congress, but also other branches of government, as well as many sectors of the economy.

Here are the figures from the US Department of labor: trade unions are working under the guidance of 43.3% of offices of local government, 32.2% – offices of state governments and 28.0% of offices of the federal government. 38,1% of teachers and librarians, 35,6% of police, 26.1% of employees of public utilities, 21.0% of drivers of public transport, 16% of employees of telecommunication companies … Currently in the hands of trade unions and government officials in Washington goes another 16% of the economy – health care system.

This statistical sketch shows that the trade unions took control of the work of those industries that are the most important role in human life, as well as those funded from the public pocket, and thus the expense of which may be the redistribution of wealth. How can trade unions do it? By attracting to its ranks of minorities. Here’s how to assess the situation US Department of labor: «workers, representing a minority of Black Americans, are the most likely union members than white. Even without any statistics, just look at the protests, arranged Acorn, to make it clear who “works” in these organizations who are ready for a small fee to fill buses to be delivered in the proper place for political castling. It is clear why the passenger screening at airports is carried out in mostly black staff, why it is very difficult to solve the problems with errors in telephone accounts – the questions answered “minorities” in such poor English that understand nothing is impossible. It becomes clear why the firefighters were employed primarily in white guys, and, on a voluntary basis, but directs black commissioners who receive a salary from the state.

Under the guidance of the teacher union are on strike, demanding higher wages is not in the summer, and when the school year begins. Since the 70’s, the cost of training one student in the country has doubled – from 4.1 to 9.3 thousand dollars – without any changes in student success in reading speed and in mathematics. But teachers need, because union leaders push them to fight for social justice. Business life downtown cities periodically freezes – unions deduce the bus drivers on the streets, demanding another pay raise from the city authorities. And they once again raise taxes on residents to meet the demands of the transporters. Raise taxes on the “white flies, which live in the suburbs because most of those who live in urban areas still are subsidized by the state, to take nothing with them. That’s such a social justice from the perspective of trade union leaders.

Lumpens – people who are ready for the money at all. This makes them particularly valuable during the election period. By concentrating in the metropolitan areas of immigrants, the unemployed, the sick and the poor and the displacement of middle and upper classes in the suburbs, large cities of America have become a “potato field”, assiduously cultivated by politicians. The movement for equal social rights – social justice, and the labor movement has successfully used the leaders of the liberal movement to seize power. “Minority” living on state benefits, in effect, and determine the main directions of development policy and the U.S. economy. In America a better life in the suburbs, but the policy makes the “minority” in the big cities.

Source by Maria Lopez