Skateboarders need to always think about safety and to remember that skateboarding can be a dangerous sport. A properly fitting helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety gear for a skateboarder. Not just any helmet, like a bike helmet, will do – it has to be a helmet specifically for skateboarding that protects your entire head including the back. Skateboarders are more likely to fall and injure the back of their heads than any other part of the head.

Look closely at the safety information for any helmet you are considering. Only certified helmets will do – they are the safest and offer the most protection. You don’t want to get any other kind, even if it claims to be just as good as a certified helmet and is less expensive because they will not offer the same protection. The two main types of helmets are single impact and multiple impact. Single impact helmets are meant to protect you from one fall and will work for you if you are just starting out and aren’t doing the more complicated tricks yet. If you are a serious skateboarder who does some of the more dangerous stunts including jumps you’ll need a multiple impact helmet to get the protection you need.

Helmets come in a variety of styles so you should be able to find something that you like. Take the time to find one that you aren’t embarrassed to wear or else you’ll be tempted to skate without it, which can be dangerous. For the most comfortable fit and best protection, find a helmet that allows you to adjust the chin strap to fit your head. It might take awhile because there are so many out there but make sure you take the time to find a helmet that matches your style.

With all the different brands of helmets available it’s important that you do some research on the helmets before deciding on one. Look online for reviews and safety ratings for the different helmets you are considering. Some of the safest and highest rated helmets are those that come from manufacturers that also make skateboards because they have a good understanding what skateboarders need and the dangers associated with skateboarding. Look past the appearance and brand of a helmet to find one that offers the best protection.

One popular kind of helmets are those made by Bell Faction, the first company to recognize the need for helmets in skateboarding. Bell Faction helmets are the top selling brand because of their efforts to continually improve the safety of the helmets with new technologies. These helmets are not only comfortable because of the extra lining they contain, they are definitely going to keep you safe while skateboarding.

Another popular helmet brand is the Kore Series manufactured by Kryptonics. These helmets are known for their ability to cushion your head by absorbing energy and for preventing sweat from getting in your eyes. The Kore Series is one of the few that makes helmets especially to fit women.

One of the most expensive brands of helmets are the Pro Tech Ace series. These helmets are well worth the money because of the superior protection they offer especially if you like to do more complicated and dangerous stunts. You can find a helmet in one of many colors, each representing a professional skateboarder who had an endorsement deal with Pro Tech Ace. This allows you to show your support for your favorite skateboarders.

Whether you are professional skateboarder or a beginner, you never know when a fall might happen. Not having a properly fitting helmet can result in a serious head injury. With all the helmets out there, you’ll be able to find one you feel comfortable in and that will keep you safe from injury. Remember to do some research into the ratings of any helmets you are considering. Wearing the right helmet every time you skate will become a habit and you won’t even have to think about it anymore. You don’t have to sacrifice safety to enjoy skateboarding.

Source by John