The Settlers of Catan Board Game is a building and trading strategy game set in the mythical world of Catan. It is primarily a resource management game and one of  the bestselling board games in America. It is also a relatively simple game to learn and even younger kids can play it. Players roll dice to strategically trade resources with other players to advance their needs to  build settlements, cities, and roads then harvest the resources produced.

Each player starts by building settlements that will produce 5 resources – Brick, Ore, Wood, Wheat, and Wool  – which can then be used to build roads and more settlements to expand their kingdom or grow their settlements into cities to increase their resource production. The wonderful aspect of the game lies in it’s randomness and complexity. Each time the game is played the board tiles are put together in a different (random) way than before so that each game play is completely unique.

Here are a few highlights of the game:

1) The base game is for 3 to 4 players.

2) Every player gets to play every turn – cooperative game – non confrontational.

3) Adapt many different strategies to win.

4) The game board and pieces are constructed of high quality materials with excellent graphics and artwork.

5) Game board can be set up randomly making each new game unique – prevents repetition.

6) Easy to learn rules, hard to master game.

7) Game can be expanded by using one of several expansions sets available but not included – more scenarios – allows up to 6 players.

The Settlers of Catan is a board game that will be enjoyed by both serious board game players as well as the casual gamer because it has both a simplicity and a complexity which will appeal to most every body. The strategy involved can be deeply layered and there can be many strategies implemented to achieve victory. Yet the game is ever changing with each time it is set up, which keeps the “replay” value high.

The Settlers Of Catan typically takes 1-2 hrs to play with 3-4 players. It was originally published in Germany where it won the German Game of the Year for 1995 and the US Board Game of the Year for 1996. It is produced by MayFair Games and the newest edition is The Settlers Of Catan 4th Edition. The expansion sets include Catan: Cities and Knights 5 – 6 Player Extension and Catan: Seafarers 5 – 6 Player Extension. This is a great game for families and friends.

Source by Ken Hughs