The year was 1876, it was the end of June and the Lakota-Northern Cheyenne Native Americans led by Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Chief Gall faced off against the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army. This conflict is commonly referred to as The Battle of Little Bighorn but can be found in the history books under Custer’s Last Stand or the Native American reference to the Battle of Greasy Crass Creek. The location was in Eastern Montana territory near the Little Bighorn River. This was a battle fought during the Great Sioux War that ran from 1876 to 1877.

The Indians of the South Dakota, Iowa and Montana area wanted President Grant to see that the existing treaties were respected and they would have access to the land they called home. President Grant insisted they sign and new treaty, receive financial and relocate them to what is Oklahoma. This did not sit well with the Native Americans and the US presence in the Dakota Territory and the warfare that followed was a result of this land dispute.

The themed Battle of Little Big Horn themed chess set includes the famous Colonel Custer at the forefront of the US Cavalry and Sitting Bull as the leader of the Native Americans. Historically Custer and the Cavalry were severely defeated and Custer’s actions were scrutinized and some would say criticized throughout history. You can strategize better and be prepared for the attack on Little Bighorn when you play this game. Like reenacting a moment in history and having a chance to play it out with better moves and changing the outcome.

The Battle of little bighorn themed chess set offers great detail with the uniforms of the Cavalry and the colorful and traditional costumes of the Native Americans. It will certainly add some flare to your home and to the time honored traditional game of chess.

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