One genre that movie buffs never seem to grow tired of is the classic westerns. Depicted in these films are typically a group of cowboys embroiled in a battle with native Indians. This is in most cases as the Lone Ranger showed the benefits of a companionship with the natives with Tanto. The cowboy was a figure that was a hero to many a young boy during his youth. The silver screen made them larger than life and somehow with their rugged appearance, they became glamorous to the viewer.

The images of the men in their cowboy hats, chaps, whips coiled up on their detailed leather saddles, as they rode across the beautiful landscape with the sun setting in the background can be brought to life in your living space with the Cowboys and Indians themed chess sets. Their opposition is the colorful Indians in traditional costume, long dark hair in braids, clothing and accessories made from feathers, bones, colorful beads and animal hides provide a glimpse into a period in American History.

This particular pairing offers a great deal of diversity in appearance between the two groups. There is so much to take in with style, color and look from this combination of members in American history. Collections of items from the cowboys and Indians alike provide homes today with vibrant artifacts and decorative pieces that add to their home décor. People will display antique muskets, hand carved knives, beaded jewelry, images of totem poles, or paintings from the era just to give you a taste of what is offered. The Cowboy and Indian themed chess set can be another extension of this style.

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