Dear Friend,

I want to ask you a very serious question.

Is it really possible to make money from the Internet?

I am asking this question very seriously because I really want to know your answer to this question.

After all, a lot of people have claimed that they can make you rich behind your wildest dreams, and you who have trusted them, have not made a single dime or very little to even talk about.

You have read all the books, eBooks, articles, listened to all the audios, and attended all the self improvement / self-help / self-wealth, self-I do not know what, seminaries, yet in the end of the day you stand exactly where you were before – here with empty pockets (or even worse in debts).

So, the question now is …

Whose fault is it?

Is it yours? Are you too dumb to follow some simple methods that a rich man gives you?

Is it the rich man's fault? Does he really give you the whole picture, or does he only give you a piece of the puzzle because he does not want you to become successful, and only want you to keep buying his products (always hiding from you the missing pieces).

Of course I do not know your answer to my question, but now I will tell you MY answer.

I believe that if you are NOT making money on-line it is because you either do not have a teacher or you have a bad teacher, period.

After being a part time school teacher for 4 years now, I know for a fact that a good teacher is what separates between you, and success.

I have been trying to make money on-line for 16 years, (yep, even before the Internet was popular) and it was not until I found a great teacher that I started to see some real results.

A great teacher is not a teacher who only throws an eBook at you with some general money making tips. No way, a great teacher is a person who takes you by the hand, and walk with you, baby step by baby step, to the "money cave".

A great teacher does not only wish you "good luck" at the end of his audio, ebook / seminar, but also gives you his personal email to contact him 24/7 for any question you might have (his personal email, not his company personal email)

And finally a great teacher does not let you procrastinate when you try to accomplish your goals, but always checking up on you to see that you are always going in the right direction.

So, if you want to be truly successful on-line you need a good teacher, and always remember that a good teacher is:

1. A teacher who takes you by the hand, and walk with you side by side until you are successful.
2. A teacher who provides you with his PERSONAL contact email.
3. A teacher who does not let you procrastinate or give up.

Good Luck finding your teacher for on-line success!

Source by Amir Rimer