I’ve almost certainly pissed ‘n’ moaned about this before, but it warrants repeating: specifically, the security questions that security-sensitive sites (such as banks) demand you create when setting up login information.

Now I have no problem at all setting up security questions…..as long as they (a) have a DISCRETE answer (b) post a question whose answer I can easily REMEMBER. A good example of a security question is “In which city did you get married?” That question is discrete (there is one and only one correct answer), and I can remember it very easily.

Want to see examples of BAD questions? Here they are, courtesy of the HSBC web site!


The person I most admire?!?! My favorite film character?!?!? WHAT???

I mean, look, take something like  “What is your favorite movie?” Do they serious expect a person to have ONE SPECIFIC MOVIE for that answer?

If you met me at a cocktail party for the first time and asked me to name some of my favorite movies, it would be simple – – I’d probably start rattling off Blue Velvet, Wrath of Khan, Glengarry Glen Ross, Apocalypse Now, Clockwork Orange – – I’d probably name about twenty films before I had to think hard about it. But ONE? Just ONE? Are you kidding me?

Indeed, if you’re the sort of person who could actually name just a single movie that was their standout favorite, you must be so blinkered and shallow that I’d rather speak to someone else at the aforementioned party, thank you very much. Go stand over there.

I think I should stop right here before I get too wound up.

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