Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but not for your intrepid host, who is pleased to announce three more improvements to the already-marvelous SlopeCharts product (which improvements, for some curious reason, all begin with the same letter). For your consideration……….

PRINTING – Want to print out a SlopeChart? Just right-click anywhere on the chart area, and choose this menu item…………

PREFERENCES – Personally, I like to make it really apparent when a symbol appears in more than one watchlist. For me, it typically is the case when I am short ETFs, because I always have the ETF symbols in my ETF watchlist, so when any of them show up in my Short watch list, well, those are duplicates! I want my eye drawn to them, and now any of us can italicized, boldface, color – – or any combination thereof – – identical symbols via the Preferences menu.


Thus, they stick out like a sore thumb:


PAGINATION – The Publishing feature has become so popular, the dialog box ran out of room to show everyone’s shared watchlists. Thus, we’ve made improvements to this PLUS exclusive feature. Now, when you look at possible subscriptions, you can show up to 100 of them at a time (the dialog box has pagination now, so you can thumb through all of them), and there’s also a search field in the upper-right so you can hone in one certain kinds of watch lists.


SlopeCharts has become a bigger part of my life than ProphetCharts ever was, and I’m pleased to continue the steady flow of these improvements for my readers.

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