If some old squeaky springs are making it tough to get your beauty rest, it’s time to start shopping for a new mattress. One of the most important purchases in most people’s lives—you’ll spend 6 to 9 intimate hours with it every single day—the benefits of shopping online can help you find the perfect mattress. Although you miss out on the immediacy of being able to feel the mattress right away, shopping online offers a greater variety, fewer hidden fees and an easier way to compare products than traditional showrooms. Best of all, you won’t have to deal with pushy salesmen.

<b><i>Reviews and Word of Mouth</i></b>

Before you make any commitments, a great way to research different mattresses is with unbiased reviews written by past and current owners. Whether you get tips from the couple next door who simply adore their new bed or from consumer advocates or online buyers, the information gleaned from the experience of others can be invaluable.


Additionally, it’s a good idea to stick with brands and manufacturers you are familiar with rather than generic producers for such an important purchase. Brands that enjoy a good reputation and good sales are usually deserving of praise because they stand behind their products. Your happiness and satisfaction, after all, can be the key to a particular mattress maker’s success.

Extensive and long-lasting warranties are great indicators of a quality mattress. The more willing a company is to back up their products, the more likely you won’t be let down by shoddy workmanship or cheap materials. When reading the fine print of a particular manufacturer’s warranty, make note of whether it is indicated as a pro-rated or non pro-rated warranty. With pro-rated warranties, the owner is required to pay a percentage of repair or replacement costs according to how long they’ve owned the mattress while non pro-rated coverage offers repairs and replacement for defective materials at no extra charge.

<b><i>Trying it out</i></b>

One gray area to consider when buying a mattress online is the problem of not being able to actually feel what the mattress is like for yourself. However, a few well-informed trips to local showrooms can do wonders when it’s decision time. Before you head out to do some testing, make a list of all the mattress brands and models that piqued your interest when shopping online and make notes as you try them in person. A trip to a showroom can also be an opportunity to discover other great items you may not have run across or considered online. Though making your purchase online eliminates the dealer middleman—and extra fees with him—you may just run across the bargain you’ve been searching for. Be wary, though, of hidden fees and extras that might not have been an issue with an Internet buy.

<b><i>Construction and Materials</i></b>

One area that stands for debate concerning mattresses is the best material available. Barring water beds and air mattresses, the two widely available mattress types offer either the classic inner spring-based construction or memory foam. Though it’s best to see how a mattress feels in person, knowing the ins and outs of materials can give you a leg up when deciding on a mattress. Although many people tend to speak of sleep surfaces in terms of firmness and softness, the real function of a quality mattress is support. The perfect mattress will provide even support across your body and keep your spine in proper alignment.

Memory foam has the special quality of conforming to body shape, making it an ideal choice for most buyers. Traditional mattresses offer similar support if their springs are denoted as independent or pocket-style. Although most foam mattresses are derived from petroleum, newer models including Dream Oaks’ Enviro Tech Memory Eco-Foam mattress make use of renewable and biodegradable resources like soy to provide a superior night’s sleep while being environmentally friendly. Foam mattresses, however sometimes lack the firm border wire, or the thick wire that surrounds the outer perimeter, which provides durability and prevents roll-off.

Besides being supportive, quality mattresses will feature systems to regulate temperature and allow breathability. With this issue in mind, Sealy offers many mattresses outfitted with their Outlast Technology fabric, which absorbs and distributes excess heat to give occupants a more balanced and comfortable night’s rest. Their unique Temperature Control Pillo Fiber also regulates heat by keeping the bed warmer in winter and cooler in the summertime. Both quality foam and traditional mattresses will offer such systems, and the best option for you is a matter of personal preference.

Purchasing your next mattress on the web will open up a much wider range of choice than traditional showrooms as well as often lower prices, but you trade the ability to test a mattress in person for those conveniences. But with careful research and diligent searching, you’ll be resting easy in no time.

Source by Matt Dimler