Scribd is a social networking community that was founded in 2007. It has quickly become one of the most popular websites on the internet. More then 20 million individuals from around the world visit the website on a monthly basis. Scribd is a file sharing website similar to YouTube except that individuals share text documents and presentations. Scribd uses a platform called iPaper. iPaper allows whatever documents an individuals uploads, to be viewed by any user regardless of their operating system.

As YouTube is to videos, Scribd is to white papers, articles, short reports and online magazines. The potential to advertise one's affiliate or own product is huge at Scribd. It works very similar to article marketing. The primary difference is that with the above, individuals can embed reports and content that they like into their websites or blogs. Alternately, individuals who get information from article directories can copy and paste their articles onto their website. However, it is very easy to conveniently leave out the resource box. This means not only that the author will not get credit for his or her work, but they also will not be able to generate any sales. Because Scribd is in iPaper format it can not be changed or altered in any way. This provides a level of protection for internet marketers.

You can also place links anywhere in your document. You can out and out advertise if you would like. Your best article directories will not let you advertise your product directly. You have to create information that is more general in nature. Your opportunity to advertise is relegated to the resource box. This is not true with Scribd. You can write whatever you want as long as it is not offensive or illegal.

Content submitted to Scribd also does not have to be approved. This is not the case with article directories. Most of the time, someone actually views your article and then decides if it is appropriate for that particular directory. This is not so with Scribd. Subsequently, there is a lot more freedom.

A great way to use Scribd is to write an informative article or short report about a product or service that you are offering. Link directly to your affiliate or home page. Also, make sure to collect email addresses or get people to follow you on Twitter. Simply send the reader to a squeeze page and in exchange for a free gift or report, ask for their email address.

The best way to use Scribd is to write consistently, build up a reputation and provide useful and compelling content. Also, make sure that you add links and attempt to collect email addresses. This will greatly multiply your marketing potential. Building an email list allows you to continuously market to these targeted visitors.

Source by Scott Brooks