Many people have tried and failed to make money with Clickbank. In fact some stats say it's over 90%. Which obviously leads to a success rate of less than 10%. Leaving many people frustrated and eventually causing them to give up.

But there is way you can beat the odds and become a successful Clickbank affiliate.
First: The wise words that Winston Churchill once said to a graduating class: "Never, never, never, never give up!"

Just because you failed once or twice or more does not mean you should quit. Remember other wise words – "It's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up."

Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he perfected the electric light bulb.

When you were a child learning to walk you fell many times before you finally started drinking around the house.
To make money with Clickbank is no different. Perhaps all you need to do is slightly tweak your campaigns a little.

Second: Making money from Clickbank means you do not just pick something because it offers a high payout. Pick a product you like or truly believe can help people solve some problem. In promoting stuff you do not really believe in it does have a negative effect on you writing about it which can show.

One way to do this is look at the refund rate. If it has a high refund rate compared to similar products in Clickbank there's probably a reason. And that is it's a low quality product.

Third: Get training. Every new skill we learned in life we ​​took lessons to get it right. You did not just get behind the wheel of a car and started driving without any lessons first did you? If you did the results would be similar to any of your attempts to make money with Clickbank.

The same goes for swimming, any sports we got into, learning a musical instrument. You were not an expert right from the get go were you?

So why would this be any different? You need good training with a community that will help you grow as you make money with Clickbank.

Source by Ian D Worrall