When looking for offshore call center services, most companies will look for a Call Center Outsourcing Service that can produce a high sales closing ratio. Any business worth their salt will rely heavily on the amount of sales they can make. Selling is the heart of a business, and without it a company cannot and will not succeed.

Several companies spend lot of money in increasing their sales via radio print, TV, Internet and other media. There is a lot of success in these advertising channels, but none of it would be worth spending time or money on, unless the company partners with a right call center partner who can generate the higher sales closing ratio. If a call center’s customer care department wasn’t fully trained or knowledgeable enough on closing the sale, then all the hard work that has gone into marketing would have gone to waste.

Several factors play a key role in improving sales conversion ratio such as:

Documentation & Training: A call center operative must have the knowledge of the product they are trying to sell, and the pricing of the product to boot. They must also have the confidence in selling the product and have the enthusiasm and knowledge needed to successfully close a sale. Proper documentation and training is very vital for increasing sales conversion.

Killer Script & Liveliness:- The majority of call center trainees work around a strict script that is used to close sales. This can often come across as being robotic, and is something that really annoys the customer. The agent needs to come across as confident, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the products they are trying to sell. If an agent isn’t confident in the product they sell then the ratio of closing sales will suffer greatly.

Each call center agent needs to be friendly and easy to talk to, so this will promote a good relationship with the customer. Customers buy from the person they talk to, not the company. If the agent doesn’t come across as an understanding person who’s easy to talk to, the customer will not buy.

Each sale should be taken on a per customer basis, each with a different approach to selling. It is important for the call center agent to identify why the customer needs the product they are selling, so that they can efficiently sell the product to the customer by giving them the right motivation to sell.

Rebuttals or Objections:- A customer will always have certain objections in buying anything that your company is selling at first. The most commonly faced objections in an order taking or a sales campaign are:

A. Not enough money

B. I haven’t got the money on me at the moment

C. Send the information through the post

D. I need to speak with my spouse

A call center agent needs to be knowledgeable on how to handle objections, and how to efficiently go about closing the sale

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