The TNT Trading Software for binary options is a viral and deceptive trading scam! Hosted from, the TNT Trading Software is the latest get-rich-quick scheme to circulate and further pollute the binary options industry with empty promises and malicious spam emails. Created only a few months ago this new binary options scam works with paid actors and shady brokers to earn your trust and deceive traders out of a minimum of $250. Not only is this new auto trading scam misleading but it was also created by the same low-life scammers who brought us the Nova Star App, which we exposed as a scam just a few days ago!

The alleged mastermind behind the TNT Trading Software goes by the alias of Timothy Tibbits. As most of you can insinuate for yourself though, Timothy Tibbits is nothing more than a fictitious entity conjured by some twisted scam marketers imagination. In other words, “Timothy Tibbets” doesn’t actually exist nor does his “attorney” Greg Morris along with Collin Broadwell ,who is allegedly on the TNT Trading Software Legal Counsel. How do we know all this you may be wondering? Well first and foremost, the alleged company known as Morris Law Firm (which is where Greg Morris works at) does not exist!

A search query with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) along with a quick Google search will confirm that notion for you. Secondly, if the company that Greg Morris supposedly works for does not exist then you can imagine that each of these characters in turn do not actually exist either. In the Risk Disclaimer, found in the image below, you can see how the creators behind TNT Trading Software are not backing up any of their claims and it explicitly states “In some cases actors have been used.” Hmmmm…. can you think of who they may be referring too?

So how does the TNT Trading Software work? Well fortunately “Timothy Tibbits” was able to shed some light on the functionality of the TNT auto trader although we aren’t convinced of its legitimacy. Sticking with a rather vague software set up, Timothy Tibbits explains how his software originally started out by trading support and resistance levels. However, after much trial and error he was able to spawn an algorithm that was able to act as an additional vetting process to increase the average success rate of his software to 81%.

Not an outlandish claim like we have grown accustomed to seeing which makes us think that these scumbags are reading our reviews and learning a thing or two. However, a claim that we did find questionable would be how Timothy Tibbits claims to have generated $3 million in profits to date. As you can see for yourself the website was only founded on March 28th, 2017 which means that Timothy Tibbits is claiming to have earned about $1 million per month since the launch of his software. Sounds a little too good to be true right?

To further exploit and debunk the TNT Trading Software all you have to do is refer to the image above. As you can see, the Nova Star App and TNT Trading Software share the same IANA ID along with the same Name Servers, which in other words mean they were created by the same individuals. In our Nova Star Scam Review, where we completely destroyed all the fabricated aspects of their auto trader you will notice how nothing was authentic with their site. Which brings up the question of why would you want to trust your hard-earned money with the TNT Trading Software when they lie to your face and were created by the same scammers who brought us the Nova Star scam?

Now obviously that was a rhetorical question so we will close out our scam review by saying that if you feel like you have been cheated or scammed we encourage you to reach out to WatchDog for free help! To date we have settled over 1,700 online trading disputes and we aren’t stopping until we put every scam out of business! To learn about other scams you should avoid make sure you visit our ever-growing blacklist comprised of dangerous and viral online trading scams!

Review Verdict: TNT Trading Software is a SCAM!

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