The media is a blaze over an anticipated Donald Trump for president of the United States of America.  Just look how fast he pressured the most powerful man in the world to release his proof of US citizenship.  I’m talking about Barack Obama’s birth certificate fiasco.

So if “The Donald” were to become president, this is just hypothetical mind you, let us look at:

The top 10 reasons why Donald Trump would make a great President:

1. Trump is Pro-life, anti-foreign aid, and would end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan immediately.  Registered as a Republican, but is more an Independent.

2. A true magnate and guru of real estate he knows “numbers” and is an incredible asset to the financial security of the country.

3. The Donald uses bankruptcy to restructure and is a master a this. Hence would be good for relieving the national debt.  Although I do not know what he would rename America if that is the case.

4. Donald Trump is FOR universal health care and with his financial know how, he could really pull it of the right way where everyone benefits.

5. Trump’s heritage comes from Germany as his father Fred migrated to America in 1885.  So, Donald John Trump was in fact born on US soil and can prove it.

6. Donald Trump has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!  Related to his work as TV personality and Executive Producer of “The Apprentice” where Trump is paid 3 million per episode.

7. Donald Trump knows recession first hand: After acquiring the Taj Mahal Casino from the famous Crosby family, Trump went into near bankruptcy as this was a very bad deal, hence he learned from this and became even stronger and by the late 90’s he was back on top financially.

8. Trump can choose Gene Simmons as Vice President (Oh wait, the Demon was not born here) or Arnold Schwarzenegger (uh, oh yeah the former California Governor was not born here either.. damn), how about Vince McMahon as VP?

9. Donald Trump also owns the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA pageants via the Miss Universe Organization.  So he always has pretty ladies around him, like a harem.

10. In 2000 Trump mulled running as a third party candidate for the US presidency, so he has had thought of this for a while…

To be completely honest that is just the tip of the iceberg as there are many reason why he would be great, and of course many reasons why he would not be great.  That all comes down to a difference of opinion and personal preference on how politics should effect individuals and families.

So this list in a bit tongue-n-cheek per say, but how can you be serious until his television show wraps for the season and then we will see if Donald Trump is serious about becoming president of the US and firing Obama.

Now with all this taken into consideration and a look at who he would run against it look like he has a better chance than most.  Ron Paul made the most sense last time but did not have the “celebrity”, the Donald does.

Source by Marc Black