Translation a language isn’t easy. It gets impossible when you don’t know the other language. To your luck, there are several online tools and applications that can help you in translation. Google play store is full of several apps claiming to be the perfect translation application, which makes it a hard choice to select the most accurate and efficient app for translation purposes.

In this post, I’ll share the top 5 English translation applications. These applications have been sorted according to their accuracy. Although these apps can’t be as precise and accurate as an English Language translation company, but still they are a quick help in several situations.

Below mentioned are some of the best handpicked android translation applications :-

Google translate

The well known Internet giant has launched its translation from quite some time and it works pretty smooth. You might have tried on your browser, but with its android application, you can take it along with you anywhere and translate from English to any language or from any language to English. It has more than 80 languages in its database, hence it is very convenient and efficient for translation. The translation app also tells how to pronounce the word in case you have hardship saying it out.


This android application has a very neat and user friendly interface. This app provides an amazing menu to choose from 90 languages. You can just begin by choosing a language and begin typing words and phrases. The app even provides a handy feature to share what you just typed across several social media websites.

I-translate also provides a text to speech features like the Google translate application. The application has an prediction feature to predict the spelling of the word you are typing. This application offers both free and premium version. If you need phrases or words while travelling this application can come very handy.

Bing Translator

The translator by Microsoft has the adorable ability to translate 43 languages, it can recognize input via typed words, microphone or even the camera.

The translate from camera is the most interesting feature as it can translate directly from screen. This can come very useful to travelers in translating sign boards, books and brochures etc.


Jibbigo is more of an speech translator application. Suppose one is travelling to another country and can’t understand the language being spoken by the people of that country, this application can come very handy.

Using this application is fairly simple, you only need to select the output language and begin speaking. If you use it on their website, it would be free, however to take it offline you would need to pay a small fee.

Voice Translator

This application focuses more on convos. You can type in sentences are phrases and translate them into several languages. After this you can also share the translated text across social media. Voice translator is the only available app that allows conversation translations.

Source by Tridinda