Create a Wedding Registry as early as possible

This should be at the top of your to-do task list. The moment you spread the good news, start creating a wedding registry right away. Take out the guesswork in gift giving. Offer your family, friends and guests hints on what gifts to buy. It would be better if you can list all the gifts you want to receive on your wedding day or if you still have many things to juggle at least give a wide selection of gifts for your guests to browse.

Be sure to hit all Price Range

It will be a great surprise if your guests can give you a $350 china set, however, you should also list items in a wide price range. Be considerate. Give your guests the freedom to choose a gift they can afford.

Register for non-traditional wedding gift items through wedding cash registries

With a new concept of wedding registries arising in the net today, the wedding cash registry, you can now register for non-traditional gift items. This type of wedding registry allows you to list gifts such as a down payment for your first home, a vacation to a paradise island, a puppy, appliances, gadgets or any gift you want to receive on your wedding day.

Update Your Wedding Registry

Every time your guests make a purchase, update your wedding registry so they will know what gifts have been purchased. Also, when you update your wedding registry, try to add new gift items so your guests still have a wide array of items to choose from.

Thank Your Guests

Be gracious. Let your guests know that their gifts arrived promptly and do not forget to thank them for the wonderful present you have received. You can send a thank you note before wedding or after you return from your honeymoon.

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Source by Cesar Marlo M Rivera