Previous news reported that in 2010 the whole industry of GPS showed a rapid development trend, the comprehensive increasing rate could be up to 35%, the overall production value reached 320.45 billion U.S. dollars.

As an outstanding China electronic wholesaler in the world, certainly won’t lose this perfect business opportunities. launches a great many GPS Mobile Phones and Car GPS equipments. All these GPS products have high correlation with our daily life. Below, Umibuy stronly recommend consumers several types of GPS mobile phones.


Top 1: GPS-X10

GPS-X10 is a 3.7-inch full touch screen TV phone with great features like dual SIM dual standby, quad band, g-sensor, GPS, Wi-Fi, Java and much more. It is attached with 2GB TF Card which has maps of various countries. Customers can easily get location and directions to wherever they need to get with GPS functionality. Moreover, Wi-Fi connectivity in any hotspot lets user get connected with the world.

Besides, it comes great Java applications, like eBuddy, Facebook, Skype, Opera Mini, Twitter,etc. Customers can experience the hottet fashion applications handy.


Top 2. GPS-H9

GPS-H9, namely comes with GPS, is designed with trackball enabling easy to control. Meanwhile, quad band, dual SIM dual standby, dual cameras with flash lamp, Analog TV free, Gravity sensor, and Wi-Fi are supported. Moreover, Java makes it compatible with those Java-based applications like stylish MSN, Skype, Facebook, Opera Mini,etc. In addition, MP3 / MP4 and FM radio will bring much fun in your spare time. In addition, it is attached with a 2GB TF card which has maps of various countries.


Top 3: F030

With Dual SIM Dual standby, Bluetooth, FM Radio, High Def PC Cam, Touch Screen, Wi-Fi, TV, Dual Camera, Java, Tilt and Shake, Map, these high technology functions facilitate daily life. Moreover, this GPS mobile phone comes with 2GB card which has maps of various countries. Built-In GPS – Ensure you never get lost with an accurate GPS system built in.


Top 4: F035

This Quad band dual sim GPS phone is built with 3 D Accelerator and supports FM,TV,MP3,MP4,GPRS, Bluetooth, E-Book, GPS and so on. Except for these functions, it is also with GPS, WIFI, JAVA, Sensor functions.


Top 5: L189

With Dual SIM dual standby, L189 supports analog TV, JAVA adding more enjoyment and applications, WIFI enabling to access the internet, GPS offering navigation, Bluetooth, FM and etc. Also, its quad band can be available in worldwide countries. Moreover, it is attached with a 2GB TF card which has maps of various countries. In addition, it specially comes with a 2in1 case, designed with built-in battery, which does not also protect the phone, but also supply more power.


Top 6: F073

Because of WIFI supported, users can easily access to internet anytime. Java affords user to download favorite games and software. Moreover, it is attached with a 2GB TF card which has maps of various countries and features GPS which is helpful and gives right navigation anytime. It is really a good partner in trip. In addition, it also has Analog TV, FM for your entertainment.

The above 6 models are not only the most excellent ones. Because different people have different taste. In addition to the above top 6, also provide consumers a wide selection of other cheapest GPS phones. All these GPS phones come with the latest and hottest functions and applications.

Except GPS phones, consumers can also find a broad range of other China mobile phones for selecting with a lowest price. It believes that will be the preferred mobile phones supplier for customers all over the world.

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