Known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is famous around the globe for its movies, vibrant culture and extravagant lifestyle. In 2007, over 61 million passengers traveled to and from Los Angeles airport LAX, testifying to the undeniable pull and pace of this city. Traveling and getting around in Los Angeles is a unique experience which can present many challenges for the average visitor. LA limousines offer services that embody the quintessential LA values of style, luxury and comfort, and it is no wonder that limousine rental is a thriving and competitive business in the city.

There are many reasons and occasions to rent a limousine anywhere, but Los Angeles in particular is a great place to use the services of a limo rental company. The following are the top five reasons why limos are a great way to navigate around LA:


Los Angeles is famous for its car culture, and its drivers are known to be impatient and automobile-dependent. Over 85% of LA’s commuters use their own transportation — in 2008, there were over 13 million cars in the Los Angeles county. Rush-hour traffic jams are common and pollution levels are high. Navigating this traffic can be overwhelming, to say the least — which is why many visitors choose limousine rentals to drive around the city. With a limousine, travelers can luxuriate in the comfort of their limousine while an experienced chauffeur tackles the teeming streets.

LA is sprawling and public transportation isn’t great.

LA is known for its sprawling landscape and confusing freeways. The public transportation system is notoriously inadequate in dealing with the city’s layout and demands of the city’s residents. Only 12% of Los Angeles residents use LA’s public transportation system, and it’s still the second busiest in the country. In fact, pop star Hillary Duff wrote the song “Where’s Your Dignity” after watching some public transport commuters from the window of her own luxury vehicle. A limousine rental not only saves you from the stress and problems of public transportation but also allows you to sit back and soak in the vibrant culture of the city while being escorted exactly where you want to go, in a timely and efficient manner.

LA knows style.

The famous car culture of LA springs from the Angelenos’ love for vehicles. Whether you are out on the town partying or just cruising down LA’s sunny streets, it takes a lot to keep up with and fit into the car-loving culture of LA. People here have a great eye and appreciation for beautiful cars, which is why limousine models like Hummer H2 super stretch, Cadillac Escalade and Chrysler 300 have become so popular in the city.

LA limos are exotic and decked out.

Forget about your basic plasma televisions and satellite television. Los Angeles limousine companies respond to the tastes and demands of their clients by making their limos the ultimate in luxury and style. Some Los Angeles entrepreneurs make great livings out of restoring vintage cars to give them hip, classic or grungy looks. In the same vein, LA’s best limousine companies design exotic limos from luxury models and fit them with every conceivable feature you could want: from an on-board casino to laser light shows to karaoke machines. LA limousine companies have to uphold a reputation of excess, and they rarely disappoint.

LA is overwhelming.

Festivals, cultural events, premiers, parades — there is always too much going on in LA. And that’s on top of the perennially popular attractions like Hollywood’s Universal Studios, the Venice Beach Boardwalk and Disneyland. Even if you are not a first-timer to Los Angeles, it can still be overwhelming to figure out places to see, events to attend and hotels to stay at. This is where a reputable LA limo service can help you by organizing a trip based on your needs and budget. You can also get discounts on package tours, events and cultural events through your limousine rental company.

These reasons hold true for LA’s best limousine rental companies. Moreover, when you consider the cost of a car rental and gasoline, the hassle of parking and the stress of keeping up with LA’s style and luxury, the cost of a Los Angeles limousine rental can be surprisingly affordable, especially for people traveling in groups. With research, pre-planning and a good limo rental, you can make your next trip around Los Angeles a memorable, lavish and hassle-free experience.

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