Looking for easy ways to make money? Look no further. We've composed a list of the top five ways to effectively make an income without trudging off to that annoying job.

1. Invest: Invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and anything else your heart desires. Although it is a bit of a gamble, especially right now, the risks pay out big if you choose wisely. Look into Canadian oil companies- it's a great investment for the next decade.

2. Surf the Net: There are plenty of great income opportunities online. You can get paid to join a social networking site or complete online surveys. There are also opportunities to write reviews and blogs and get paid for it! Advertise, create websites, translate, edit; there are a variety of income making opportunities just waiting for you.

3. Start up your own company: Although this may seem like an overwhelming business venture complete with challenges and much-needed startup capital, turn to the web instead. Online businesses, such as membership sites are fast becoming multi-billion dollar businesses and they do not require the same headaches as other business ventures.

4. Offer your Services: Own a car? Start a delivery service. Good at editing? Create a profile online offering your help for a fee.

5. Create Products: Are you a good artist? A good photographer? A great cook? Then why not make some money off your skills? Sell ​​your products in the local community or online. Join art shows, Saturday markets and community events where your talents can be displayed, and bought.

If you have a money-making idea, why not put it to use?

Source by Perry Webbing