If you are planning a James Bond themed corporate Christmas party this year, you may have to consider the music you want to play form the many films that span over four decades. Since, there’s so much to choose from, it may be a good idea to stick to the well known favorites that get that party swinging!

A James Bond themed party, whether shared or exclusive, usually includes a night of James Bond style gambling, drinks that are shaken and not stirred and a magnificent vodka statue! Music is also a vital part of a James Bond themed party, as it will create that party atmosphere. The sounds of 007 will get people into the whole theme, whilst they enjoy their favorite bond tunes.

Favourite Bond tunes range from the earlier films, Dr. No, to the latest, the Quantum of Solace – all of which are memorable to Bond fans from all generations.

So our top and most memorable Bond song is from that Beatle, Paul McCartney. ‘Live and Let Die’, sung in 1973 for the Live and Let Die film, is probably the most memorable tune out of all the songs – even not the biggest 007 fan is bound to know this one. Not only is this song great because it is one of more famous ones, it’s fabulous because of its pop beats which are intermixed with Reggae and a number of other sounds.

That big personality and voice, Shirley Bassey sung ‘Goldfinger’ in 1964/5 for one of the most well known Bond films, Goldfinger. Her intense and strong voice combined with the powerful band music, give a sexy and powerful appeal to this song, making it an ideal opener for the night.

From the modern day James Bond films, classics from Soundgarden’s and Audioslave’s front man Chris Cornell will make your staff get up on the dance floor. ‘You Know My Name’ by Chris Cornell from Casino Royale, is true to the front man’s usual ‘rock out’ style. Chris Cornell is well known for his rock tunes and distinctive voice, making it a perfect rock song to end the night with.

‘Another Way To Die’ – a duet by R’n’b sensation Alicia Keys and rocker Jack Stripe from the White Stripes, from the Quantum of Solace, is another song on the favorites list. This duet intermingles the grundgy sounds of The White Stripes and the melodic sound of Alicia Keys, creating a powerful and action packed song that is most apt for a James Bond film.

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Source by Marie Coles