Do You Make ANY of these Mistakes:

1- Trade or pick stocks like if You where gambling in a casino ?
2- Hold on to losing positions or “fall in love with a stock” ?
3- Buy a stock just because “the price is to low” ?

4- Trade a stock that’s being pumped up in message boards?

5- Spend a truck load of hours watching the markets all day?

And the list goes on ….

Starting TODAY You can Stop doing the same COSTLY mistakes & Improve Your Trading.

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Let’s Get Right Down to the Point

First of all You can forget about finding the perfect stock that rockets straight up from $10 to $100. 

Why do I say that? Simple. Perfect stocks are to good to be true and they rarely move up as much, and by thinking they can is probably the number one reason why you have been putting your faith into some crappy stock that doesn’t make You any good money at all.

Our method focuses on trading daily breakout picks. This means that you are going to trade stocks that are poised for excellent short term gains but that can possibly fall down once their rally is over.

Each and every one of these stocks meet certain criteria and are influenced by especific factors that will be explained in detail once You get your hands on our trading method.

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