This is a preliminary review of the No Loss Robot.

Ok. So that sounds like a bunch of BS! Everyone knows that there is no such thing as 100% success rate, right? Not even the boldest of forex robots has claimed a 100% ROI!

Along comes something called the No Loss forex robot.

Here's a quote straight from their website:

Our robot is the only one out there that can claim it is a No Loss Robot (TM). It promises no losing trades on your Forex account, period.

Alright, I'll bite. This sounds interesting if not for the fact that it's a REALLY BOLD claim! And one that can be easily proven or disproven. Just one losing trade and you can get a refund!

One of the concepts that this robot uses in determining a winning trade seems to be the technique of using multiple time frames. Have you ever tried to trade with your naked eye on multiple time frames? On multiple currency pairs? IT CAN DRIVE YOU MAD! Let alone the necessity to have multiple monitors and dozens of charts open at the same time!

But if you can successfully trade on multiple time frames WITH GREAT DISCIPLINE as it takes great patience to identify a good trade, then you should know that it is one of the most successful ways to trade. Unfortunately, none of us have the patience of Gandhi to trade this way. Literally, it can take MONTHS just to identify ONE good trade if you follow rules strictly. Which means waiting until ALL time frames from 5 minutes to a month to all agree on the trend before placing a trade!

Similarly, the No Loss forex robot watches ALL the time frames simultaneously and applies proprietary algorithms to determine when to trade. And upon closer examination of the account snapshot posted on their site, it trades pretty regularly. Several times a day at times.

Not only that, it claims to work on ANY currency pair. This is a limitation that many forex robots have. That they were optimized to work on only certain pairs. Not all.

So basically, the No Loss Robot has ZERO LIMITATIONS! None! At least according to its authors.

It also claims to have the ability to self-adjust to whatever the market is doing. Whether moving or moving sideways, it does not matter.

There is also built-in money management so it will not blow your entire account on any drawdown.

Well, if it is possible and it does do all that it claims it can do, this just might well be the "holy grail" of forex trading that everyone seeks!

Source by Markus Gee