There is a whole lot of money to be had by those who do business via Trademe. From garage sale frequenters to purveyors of fine antique and arts shops, lots of people make lots of money using this site. Tapping into this, however, will require a little know how about setting up shop. There are three major considerations that need to come into play here. These are product choice, pricing and format for selling desired. Products: The variety and type of products that sell and sell well on Trademe can be a little amazing. From valuable art that sells for a top-dollar price to hard-to-find video game consoles that go for thousands above their sticker prices, Trademe tends to work like all other shopping locations. Items that are “hot” or sought after go quickly, those that aren’t might not. Choosing what kinds of products to actually put on Trademe might take a little research. It’s not a bad idea to consider what is out there, what seems to sell and how much it sells for before deciding what to list and what to leave out. Important: See Nz Customs For More Details (Duty and Tax) Pricing: This is a very important consideration when placing items for sale on Trademe. While it’s true that buyers here are generally looking for bargains, that doesn’t mean they won’t pay over suggested retail or value for something that’s really hot, hard to find or unusual. Items that can be found at corner stores easily, likely should be placed at less than retail to compensate for shipping fees. It’s never a good idea to let things go for too little to gain a buzz. Scour the site for pricing ideas and get a feel for what things tend to run before listing them. If you sell household products people can get down the street for less or that another Trademe seller is offering for a fraction of the price, you’re not likely to get hits on your sales. Sale type: There are a few options to consider over and above pricing. Items can be sold in a few different ways. One of the most popular forms is through the auction feature that lets buyers determine the price. This can work out very well in some cases. This feature does enable setting a minimum bid, so a loss doesn’t have to be taken. Another option is the “buy it now” price setting. This put a price tag on a listing and buyers know they have to pay this amount or walk away from the item – just like a regular store. Some sellers choose to use a combination of the sales types, depending on what they are selling in a particular listing and its value. Once products, pricing and sales type have been considered, it’s time for a Trademe entrepreneur to begin selling. This will involve either setting up a virtual shop or creating individual listings. Recommended Site
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