Trade2Get is a online day trading brokerage which was established on July 18, 2016. It’s not very popular but seems to growing fast. Most of the visitors to the site are US citizens apparently, and they even have a US number. To remind you, a company that is not regulated with the CFTC is not allowed to sell binary options contracts to US traders. But are they a scam? Here’s our objective review.

Who is Behind Trade2Get?

The domain is registered under Karen Louisa Toye from Argos Orion Solutions Limited.


Their mailing address is 8 Coptall Roseau Valley, Dominica 00152 DM.

Phone: +69134359262

Trade2Get WHOIS

They also have a UK address:

Argos Orion Solutions Limited.
Fernhills Busness Centre Foerster Chambers, Todd Street
Bury Gtr Manchester BL9 5BJ United Kingdom

Support email:

Support phone numbers:

UK : +442080684495
US : +16468383994

There’s also a contact form on the site.


Trade2Get doesn’t seem to be a regulated brokerage. Actually, in their About Us page they write: “To learn more, please visit the Regulation page” but no link is provided.

Trade2Get Demo - Binary Options

What Trade2Get Offer

Trade2Get advertise themselves as a Forex/CFD broker. However, a quick look at their platform shows a standard binary options platform. Lying about the product is a big red flag right there… Not sure we can trust anything else written on the site.

Trade2Get Platform

The Market News section is just an embed from

No information is available about the trading platform, available assets and expiry times.

Account Types

The standard account requires a minimum deposit of $300 and includes 24/7 customer service, professional chart, education center and a 30% welcome bonus (for $1,000+ deposits).

If you deposit $2,500 for the global account, you also get trading alerts, a personal coach, daily market reviews and financial research and a 40% welcome bonus.

Trade2Get’s most recommended account is the Saving Account, requiring a minimum deposit of $5,000. It includes getting 2% monthly interest on your balance, 1 month of trading signals and a 50% welcome bonus.

For $5,000 you can also choose to get the Gold Account which includes a Direct Line to your Account Manager, a Smart Money Management Plan, an introductory private session with an analyst, a 75% welcome bonus and fast withdrawal processing.

If you deposit more than $10,000 you get the Platinum Account, which includes bonus protected trades from account manager, 3 months of trading signals, a 100% welcome bonus, a long term financial plan by usenior account manager and same day withdrawals.

Trade2Get Review Conclusion

Keep in mind that “bonuses issued to Client by Trade2get may only be withdrawn subject to execution of a minimum trading volume of 30 times the deposit amount plus the bonus issued.”

With regulated brokers, bonuses are usually not allowed. But with non-regulated ones, such as Trade2Get, nobody is preventing them from giving bonuses thereby decreasing the chance of their clients of ever withdrawing their funds. Learn why we don’t recommend taking bonuses.

Another important thing to keep in mind if you’re thinking about trading binary options. Don’t ever agree to have your broker manage your account for you or give you investment advice or signals.

Our conclusion about Trade2Get… Avoid them! Don’t sign up with a non-regulated broker, especially one that gives false statements about their products. We were able to find many complaints about Trade2Get claiming that it’s a scam.

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