Trading 212, a London-based brokerage firm, has made headlines as being the first forex and CFD broker to bring no-commission trading to its clients in the United Kingdom and Germany.

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The broker’s new commission-free trading includes shares,
cryptocurrencies, CFDs and ETFs, which opens the doors to a whole new client
base. European investors will finally be able to participate in the stock
trading revolution that initially emerged in the USA.

Right now, five of the largest share-dealing brokers in the UK
charge clients about £8.31 per share. On the other hand, each Trading 212 client
previously was able to execute up to 10 share trades for free, but now Trading
212 has removed all limits – finally revolutionizing the European retail
trading industry.

In addition to zero-commission on all stock, ETF, crypto and
CFD trades, Trading 212 will be also offering UK clients ISA (Individual Savings
Accounts)-compliant wrappers, which offer tax-free savings for a specific list
of stocks and ETFs.

In the midst of a challenging time for most European brokers who are trying to adjust to the new ESMA regulatory framework, Trading 212 has suddenly grabbed the spotlight, attracting all new types of investors by changing the game and not charging traders any commission fees. Not only is Trading 212 fully regulated and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but they are gradually proving themselves to be a truly professional, transparent company that puts their clients first – a trait that has now made them a pioneer in the European retail trading industry and moved them to the top.

According to the proud co-founder of Trading 212, Ivan
Ashminov, “Being the first company to offer UK investors a commission-free
environment speaks to our long-held belief that this charging practice can no longer
be justified”. Ashminov claims that this move will add even further pressure to
big industry players who have continued to charge investors (unjustifiably in
his opinion) for so long.

Trading 212 stock trading

5 Interesting Facts about
Trading 212

1: Trading 212 is regulated and licensed by the FCA

2: Their mobile app, personally developed by Trading 212 Ltd, is ranked #1 in the UK and Germany.

3: Trading 212 is the first broker to offer free stock trading in the UK and Germany, making them a pioneer in the European retail trading industry.

4: The minimum deposit to begin trading with Trading 212 is only €100, which is considerably less than the regular €250 amount required from most forex and CFD brokers.

5: Trading 212 puts client education first, offering an unlimited demo mode and free instructional material.

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