Make A producing country, whether Textile , Or other small commodities in China are big business, large variety, change Pad Have a broad brush in the future development of our country.

  Transfer Print Refers to the substrate surface in some irregularity of ups and downs like chi, or objects have been formed, or soft materials, which are not easy to print in the press on a printing method. To the surface of these substrates can be printed on the images and text on images and text must be called before the middle of imprinting material transfer vector, and then from the carrier by some means, such as by heating, Run wet, pressure, etc. transfer them to the substrates, the final printed form.

Transfer printing method by transferring the classification of direct and indirect printing printing. Direct printing is the use of special printing machine gravure printing head to the surface of Ink Suction and then transfer to the substrates are used for surface showing irregular shape bump container, small ornaments, toys and Tableware And so on. Indirectly, the use of special transfer paper printing or transfer Film First printed pattern, and then transfer to the substrates are used for Ceramics Decal printing, textile printing, goods Label Printing And so on. Categorization by wet transfer technology transfer, Heat Transfer And pressure transfer. Direct printing is the use of

Gravure Principle, be coated with ink, gravure surface, after all, with the blade inscribed to convex blank part of the ink, leaving only part of the ink Patterns concave, then Silicone Rubber Make The printing head and the pressure from the stick out of ink, and then transferred to the substrate. Pad printing machine is the main equipment, including printing head plays the role of transfer, therefore, printing plates, printing ink printing head and printing processes constitute the three elements of printing process is printing machine automatically. In the printing plates, printing the premise of the first set, the quality of printing ink printing performance is good or bad effect become the decisive factor.

Indirect printing to Transfer printing For example, transfer of technology are sublimation method, swimming shifting, melting, and the ink layer stripping method, etc. several ways.

[Sublimation] Disperse dye sublimation characteristics used in the transfer process, when the paper, the transfer of temperature, evaporation or sublimation dye began, and paper and Fiber Formed between the concentration of volatile, as is the transfer of printed fabrics temperature, started at the fiber surface dye adsorption, until it reaches a certain saturation value.

[Swimming shift method] Transfer paper ink dye layer selected according to the nature of the fiber. Fabric by first fixing Additives And the paste mixture composed of padding processing, and then through the hot swimming wet state moved to dye transfer printing paper from the transfer to the fabric and solid, and finally by steaming, washing and other wet. Dye transfer, the transfer of paper between the fabric and have a greater pressure.

[Ink layer stripping method] Use the case of the heat, can produce strong adhesion of the ink fiber in the smaller pressure can make the transfer of the ink layer from the transfer paper to fabric, then according to the nature of dye-fixing treatment accordingly.

Present, most common way to transfer heat transfer and water transfer.

Heat: Using temperature to heat transfer carrier film of release agent and adhesive layer to melt and the pressure from the transfer.

Water Transfer Printing: Use of water pressure and water transfer activator to strip on the carrier film layer solution for the transfer.

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