Welcome to my Trend Catcher Review. Forex trading is one way to make some extra income, a lot of trading programs have been created to enable people to make enough money more than their monthly wages to pay their debts and maintain their expenses. Most people get confused on which training is genuine and end up join trading programs which are only out to get their hard earned money.

Trend Catcher Review- Another Scam Trading Platform Exposed With Proofs!

The Trend Catcher Scam App is one of those programs which may look genuine but it has a lot of features which we were doubtful of, but this Trend Catcher review should clear any doubt and be able to prove if it is a scam or not. Trend Catcher software claims it has a simple software which will help anyone who wants to trade with its platform. With an investment of $263 you may make up $3,491 in one month, this may actually seem believable but we have a lot of reason why you should not invest any money with this program. When you check Trend Catcher reviews on the internet, you may find a lot of reviews in favour of it, but we beg to differ because we have actually tried this system and is sure it is a complete scam.

What Is Trend Catcher Software?

The TrendCatcher software is a forex trading platform which claims to have a software whose algorithm which tells you the lowest and highest trading points. This software claims it will help you make up to $8,000 or more per month when you use their platform to do forex trading online. The Trend Catcher scam claims it only trades when there is going to be a good forex exchange, therefore, promising those people who use it a platform that they will never lose a trade.

We find this impossible to believe that is why we had to test the system and see if this truly works. Earning a good sum of money is never easy, you can’t just fold your hands and a system does the thinking and trading for you. These stories are only told by trading platforms which are out to scam people of their hard earned money, everything about the website screams fishy.

The Trend Catcher App… Is It a Scam?

We will come to a conclusion on this question after this section, a complete Trend Catcher review on why this system regards a scam will be outlined below. If you had any doubt this should help you and convince you not to invest your money in the Trend Catcher scam.

Trend Catcher System

No Creator or Contact Information On Trend Catcher Website!

The narrator of the Trend Catcher website video introduces himself as Jim and he claims to be the creator of the program. The Trend Catcher Reviews that support this program say the creator didn’t want to give people false hope by showing flashy cars or how the Trend Catcher scam system has worked for him, but we differ in that thinking. To get people to agree and register on your platform, proof of what the system has done for you will go a long way to convince these people. The acclaimed narrator is a paid actor, we say this because there is no contact information about him, he doesn’t show his pictures or even have a full name. Paid actors are the first red flag every scam program shows. On the website an about us page or link cannot be found, you cannot know who is behind the TrendCatcher App or where they are.

The video found on the Trend Catcher website is animated, therefore you do not get to see real people or hear testimonials of how it worked for them. Trend Catcher Reviews in support of this platform claim they don’t want to show flashy cars to convince people. This is just a way that scammers behind the Trend Catcher scam hide their identities and give us false claims.

Trend Catcher Reviews and Testimonials are Fabricated

The testimonials on the Trend Catcher software success stories are fabricated, they were written by the creators and pictures of an unknown person taken. After a careful research of those names, you will find out that they were stolen from unsuspecting social media users. A lot of this people do not know their pictures have been used on the TrendCatcher scam website. This is how scammers work, the steal or hire actors to write positive Trend Catcher reviews for them and put them up on their websites without getting approval from the owners.

Trend Catcher Scam

Fake Brokers are Ruling The Trend Catcher System!

After registering on the site, you will be paired to a broker called Trade360, this broker identity is anonymous and you do not know the name of the person you are assigned to. To start trading in the Trend Catcher website, you need to deposit $250. Once you deposit this money, you have been scammed. Trade360 is an affiliate program, the creators earn commissions when someone joins the Trade360 through the Trend Catcher review website. They embed their affiliate link on the website and anyone who clicks on it loses $250 and gets them richer. If you register for Trade360 through Trend Catcher Scam App, you may not get a refund of your money when you find out and the scammers will be in possession of your personal data including your card details. You may never know what they will do with it, they may use it in an unethical way.

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Conclusion- Never Invest a Penny In Trend Catcher Scam Program. Stay Away!

Before now, there was no trace of the Trend Catcher website, everything started around August 2017, it is quite overwhelming that within that short period of time people have fallen victims to this internet scam. We recommend that you do not register for the Trend Catcher system, they are out to rip you of your hard earned money. From a faceless and no last name creator to an animated video and scandalous promises, Trend Catcher scam program is a forex trading platform that does affiliate marketing for another program. It is built by a con artist who wants to use unsuspecting people to earn high commissions. From this Trend Catcher review, you should save your time and your money by not registering with the Trend Catcher scam.

Trend Catcher Review :- Another Scam Trading Platform Exposed !!

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