Is the Trend Forex 2.0 System by John Chen a scam? John has made audacious claims that his strategies can make anyone as much as 160 pips per week, but is that really true? I got a chance to try and experience this Forex trend system before it got released, and I managed to achieve some of my best Forex weekly profit results with it.

1. What is Trend Forex 2.0 System and How Exactly Does It Work?

As its name suggest, this course is about teaching a trading system based on spotting and profiting from trends. It involves the use of several analysis methods and indicators that help the trader find and confirm signals generated for price swings. It has worked pretty consistently for me so far and and I am very happy with it.

2. Will You Be Able to Use Trend Forex 2.0 System to Make Money?

This system is able to make money whether or not the prices of currency pairs are going up or down in the markets. The best part about this trading method is that it is much more consistent compared to many others I have tried before. Any trader, whether they are beginners or professionals, will be able to understand and profit from this strategy.

3. Skills You Can Learn from Trend Forex 2.0 Course

You will be able to pick you many varieties of skills from this trading program. Besides learning the important technical skills of how to identify trends and profiting from them, you will also learn key concepts about money management, risk controls and emotional trading. All these are important overlooked factors that can come into play at any stage (before, during or after the trade) and will affect trading results greatly.

Source by William Barnes