There is many ways to generate cash gifts with a cash gifting program on and offline. There used to be only ONE OPTION when some one wanted to start cash gifting. This option was called the 1 up or sometimes referred to as the qualifier system. This antiquated system lead to many new people failing to generate any cash. Who wants to pass up people and money to someone who did no work for them?

Most cash gifting systems require you to pay a pledge anywhere from 500 to 7500 dollars. Then you must go out and find someone and get them to join. The problem people always ask the person inviting them about how well they do in the program. The average person will not even consider joining under someone who was not qualified yet.

Hence, the main reason so many people failed at cash gifting. When I found this new over night cash gifting system, that has ABSOLUTELY NO PASS UP and NO QUALIFIERS, I jumped in at the $7500.00 level. The results have been ASTRONOMICAL. It was the first program where I had ever generated cash withinhours of joining. I was amazed at the potential. Little did I know I would end up with two new team members and 4,000 the first few hours in the program.

My new dream home

As I assumed, no one wants to pass up money that they worked so hard to get. Everyone I speak with about the program has been very happy to see something that is finally TRUE CASH GIFTING!

Some people out there claim the one up is leverage. Like I said 90% percent of people fail in cash gifting programs. The 1 up is why. Anyone with normal intellect can understand this. The motivation to put cash into the bank account of someone else is not as high as to put cash in your own pocket. Doing that inside a few hours was the best results I have ever had with anything online.

More Proof Of Cash Gifting

Another benefit is there is no selling or explaining the one up system. It can be hard for some people to understand. When someone is confused they do not join your cash gifting team. That is a fairly simple and proven fact. You want to eliminate confusion. No 1 up does just that very thing.

One word of warning. Avoid any 1 up or half up splits. They are hard to keep track of and easily manipulated by unscrupulous mentors. Look for the proper support. The mentor should be fully competent with computers and marketing.Make sure they are there to answer your calls and give you a direct phone number like a cell phone.

How I support my team is very simple yet effective. I have forums, email and phone support. Team Training and Opportunity Conference Calls. What ever mentor you chose for your no up program should have this type of set up. If they don’t you are doomed to fail in your cash gifting club.

A great day in cash gifting

A few words of warning. Cash gifting is not a business. If it was it would not be tax free. To remain on the good side of the law, you can never say any of the following: cash gifting business, cash gifting investment, cash gifting profits, make money, cash gifting income, cash gifting sponsor, earn cash gifting money, etc

Stick withing the guidelines for your cash gifting activity and you will do just fine with a no 1 up cash gifting system. Your cash gifting team mentor is the most important thing to you success. Choose wisely and do your due diligence.

I may be reached at 888-210-5013 with any questions about cash gifting. If you need help don’t be afraid to call me toll free now!

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