PTC also known as paid to click sites are websites that allow you to earn for viewing sponsor’s advertisement. It is free of charge and anyone could easily earn money from it. If that’s the case, why is there so many people complaining about how slow earnings are in the PTC industry? That’s because they arent working on the PTC Sites effectively and ended up getting scammed or slow earnings. Check out on my guide below to have more idea in succeeding with PTC Sites.


<B>#1-Subscibe, Bookmark to My Site</B>

Yeah, this sounds damn right stupid. But if you want earn money in paid to click Sites, stick to my guideline. My blog consists of all the legitimate, trusted paying sites which are all up to date paying and my blog is always being frequently updated with new stuffs and changes in the PTC sites that i’m working on. Stop wasting time on those scam, newly established PTC Sites, and get working on those Sites On my blog that are being proven to be real and paying sites.

<B>#2-Be active</B>

This is the most important part of being successful in the PTC industry which most people miss out. Most people got tired of clicking ads because they felt earnings are too little. However, they dont realise about the full potential of such paid-to-click sites which can generate a huge income. Of course You wont get rich immediately, but you could make your earnings grow shortly and steadily. </B>How is that possible? Read on.

<B>#3-Generate Referrals/Leads</B>

Referrals can either be in direct form or being rented. With them, you can make hundreds and thousands of dollars according to the amount of people clicking under you. But how to? Start getting involved in SEO, Blogging, Advertising to promote about your PTC Sites. You can also purchase traffic to your site or choose to purchase rented referrals at certain ptc sites!

<B>#4-Lastly, PTC Sites that pay the least are usually the sites that pay, vice versa.</B>

I believe you can trust the words of a person who has been in the PTC industry for more than three years time. I’ve seen sites which pay $1 for a click, and $0.0001 for a click. In the end, it goes without saying that it was the $0.0001 click site which pays me, because one should know that advertisers normally wouldn’t pay more than $0.01 a click. It’s definitely impossible to be paying more than what the advertiser sponsor. Be smart, choose the right Paid to Click sites to work on.

Finally,If you are able to follow my guidelines, I could gurantee you that you would see a real fortune beholding you, that’s how one should focus on PTC Sites. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and check out all the legitimate and paying PTC Sites Now! All the best! Check out my blog at

P.S The payment proofs are obviously <B>NOT </B>Scam. The names are of the same person and the mails were from different senders

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