All to often people give up on the initial idea of ​​trying to make money with no money online. There are a lot of people pulling profit from the internet and many that will share their knowledge if you have the true desire to get ahead.

Running a business online is not so much different to that of an offline business. It is a lot more technical but since you online anyway the answers to all your questions you have along the way are right at your fingertips. To get those answers your best friend is going to be Google. Or whichever search engine you use. Just pop your question in there and you're good to go.

There are sites that pay you for your services online. So if you have a particular skill you can simply freelance your work and get paid for your services. Sites get "elance" and "get a freelancer" are places you can register.

If that is not up your street you can start your referral business. A referral business is what is known as affiliated business models. Some of the commission can be quite high and it is relatively easy to set the process up.

Affiliate business owners often get the sense that they need to sell a product. Honestly if you are looking to sell someone else's product, let them do the selling. An affiliate will refer customers to a good deal. If the product owner can not sell it, it's a waste of time and probably your customers money as well.

If you are good at writing you can get paid for that through revenue sharing and if you can learn the art of writing good copy, ten you could stand to make a lot, either from freelance work or getting involved with search engine marketing using pay- per-click.

When it comes to pay-per-click there is a lot of cash being pulled from the search engines but this is for further along in your business. To make money with no money online, the AdSense program through Google can work wonders. Also some publisher sites share the revenue they get with you. Other advertising networks provide the same sort of service and let you publish ads on your web space. That does not mean you need to shell out for a website. You can make money with no money on free to use services. Try Blogger for a fresh new website and an online address of your choosing. Need an easier platform. Try Squidoo.

There are a couple of big names that are great at teaching free to use sites. Try Potpiegirl, or "bum marketing method". (Travis Sago)

These two folks are true gold mines when it comes to business start-ups for free. They started me up before I moved to the other side of the fence and started using PPC marketing. That was starting out trying to make money with no money. It does get easier. I started my business only months ago and went leaps and bounds from having no direction to owning my own site.

Source by Robert B Bowman