Tumbling Towers is Simply The Best Holiday Party Game & Toy for Everybody

Holidays are always a great time for families to enjoy their loved ones’ company. They’re great opportunities for the loved ones to catch up on the latest news about each other. Also, these are moments when all they want to do is just spend some time with those whom they treasure most. Usually, during holidays, families have meals together and they talk and share stories with each other for hours on end. Some also bond through watching movies and playing family board games that are enjoyable for everyone. These are just some great ways to keep the friends and family entertained throughout the day.

Sometimes, holidays are also the perfect time for kids and parents to stay in bed or just laze around all day in front of the TV. Of course, everyone will always make the most out of the days when they have nothing to do but rest. They basically do this through, well, resting. Although bumming around all day is always an inviting choice, why not choose to ask your family to play the thrilling and exciting Giant Tumbling Towers game? It’s definitely one of those fun games for groups to enjoy.

Tumbling Towers is a game that uses small, evenly-sized rectangular blocks of wood. All the players have to with these blocks is to create a wooden tower out of them by stacking them all up in groups of three per layer. With every pull and stack, the higher the tower gets, the more difficult it is to add more blocks on top and the higher the chances of it crumbling down gets. So, for you to win, you should be cautious in laying blocks on top each other from the base to the top. You’ve probably tried this game yourself, too, and you’ll absolutely agree that it is indeed a fun game to play.

Enjoying playing this game with your friends and family is definitely more fun than just lying in bed, eating, and just lazing around all day. It’s a really exciting life size game for everyone to have fun with. Aside from that, it’ll give you and your siblings or relatives or whoever wants to play a chance to engage in a healthy competition which is definitely more rewarding than doing nothing.

So, next time a holiday comes around, make sure you have this game in your household and don’t hesitate to play Giant Tumbling Towers. It can stack up to 5ft tall during play and It’s a surely a better way to keep your gatherings fun and exciting!

Source by leibela