I just finished reading "Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business and Market Online" by Warren Whitlock. As a professional blogger who uses Twitter daily, I was excited to read this new book. I was blown away at the quality and depth of this resource.

As the title suggests, this book dives into how Twitter is changing the way we do business and market. The title is a bit long and actually misleading. There was not information about business or marketing at all. In fact, this was a beginners guide that explained what it is all about and we should care about tweeting and followers and all the rest of it. In that regard, this is a crowning achievement as it is the most comprehensive and easy to understand book on this topic that I have read so far. The coolest part of the book is the way the authors actually utilized their followers to create the book. The followers and actual users of this dynamic resource are as much responsible for the content then Mr. Whitlock is.

I thought that was very clever and it gives the book a unique quality. The most useful part of the book was the chapter that explains the top 10 ten steps to getting more followers. I actually learned a lot form this and will be trying out several techniques later today. After all, if nobody is there to read what you are tweeting, what's the point?

Source by Dan Keller