The Twitter phenomenon shows little sign of slowing down. With seemingly exponential growth – a recent survey suggested that Twitter was expanding at more than 1000% a month – more and more people are spending their days Tweeting. Figures for February recommended six million unique users – and that is a figure only going upwards. The same survey, by media giants Nielsen, also said Twitter is growing a lot faster than Facebook.

Twitter does offer real benefits – from following the famous to telling your friends what you are up to, you can be very specific about what messages you give out, and very concise too, with Tweets having just 140 characters. Celebrities have literally thousands of followers who are kept in touch with their activities via their laptop or SMS mobile text services.

Twitter has made The Daily Show and even the Doonesbury Comic Strip and has won awards – its definitely one of those "breakout" phenomena that has addressed the attention of the wider public as well as internet obsessives.

Here is the great thing. When I Tweet, I am forced to really construct my thoughts. "The other day I discovered that" is almost a quarter of your Tweet! "I have several ways to make money on Twitter" is one punchy message that delivers. "Let me tell you about the power of Twitter, its …" and so I could go on, and on, being both long winded and not particularly informative. Distilling the message is key. Simplicity and clarity. It's actually a welcome antidote to some of life's bull if you ask me!

While it might be fun to catch just what Britney Spears had for breakfast, smart people are finding ways to make Twitter work for them. You do not have to think too hard to realize the opportunities it offers, for delivering concise, direct messages that you choose to thousands of people. If you have followers on Twitter you know that they have chosen to hear what you have to say.

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Source by Rupert Trubshaw