Rubbish is generic term that encompasses a wide range of waste materials that are produced at a number of places under various conditions. Rubbish can generally be divided into three distinct categories. This division is based on the location where the rubbish is produced and individual waste material can and do overlap. The three types of rubbish are:

1. Domestic – Rubbish typically produced in homes is called domestic rubbish. Around the home there are always items that need to go. The most common examples of such rubbish are unwanted furniture, whitegoods, cardboard boxes and plastic bags. There is also forgotten stuff in garages and garden sheds. You also need to clean up your garden, lop small trees, prune hedges and of course green waste.

2. Commercial – Have tenants left a mess again? Do you need to get rid of that unsightly pile of rubbish before the sale of your property? Such rubbish comes under the purview of the term commercial rubbish. You also need to strip-out apartments, houses, offices, remove soiled carpets, and dismantle kitchen cabinets and cupboards or office partitioning which can be done by rubbish removal services.

3. Industrial – Builders and renovators always produce waste. If you are in this field of work you’ll be doing the same. There is a large variety of construction waste (other than asbestos) timber, plasterboard, metal, bricks, rubble etc. All this needs to be cleared up and for this you will need a reliable rubbish removal service.

Please note that although asbestos is a very common waste material in various industries, it is not normally handled by the rubbish removal firms. It is advisable to confirm with your service provider if they do deal in asbestos before disposing it off.

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Source by Greg Anthony