HIPAA training can be done in a classroom setting or online depending on the student’s schedule and personal preference.  Typically, this type of training will cost around $300, which covers both privacy and security rules and regulations for an organization in or associated with the medical field.  While employees often get involved with HIPAA training, this is also something that managers are mandated to complete.

The exact type and degree of HIPAA training would vary based on the person’s role within the company.  However, every course is comprehensive and designed with modules on awareness specific to privacy, security, and even electronic transactions.  The result of a course such as this is not only legal knowledge but also a better working organization in that everyone in the company now works on the same high level of professionalism.

For privacy and security, HIPAA training has 67 distinct policies taught.  Once the course has been completed, developing and implementing HIPAA policies is much quicker and easier.  The type of organizations that would be required to go through HIPAA training would include hospitals, insurance companies, long term care organizations, doctors, government state agencies, third party administrators, cleaning houses, health plans, and business associates.

The 67 policies taught as a part of HIPAA training are broken down into five categories.  These include administrative safeguards, which cover 28 policies, physical safeguards with 12 policies, technical safeguards, also 12 policies, organizational requirements with 4 policies, and finally, supplemental polices to required policy has 11 policies.  The healthcare arena is serious business and to ensure these entities follow strict rules so patients are given safe and efficient care, this type of training is mandated.

After each person has gone through the certification for HIPAA training, they would be told the number of questions on tests answered correctly do determine if the course was passed.  If the individual failed, they would be required to spend time going over the course material and reschedule for another HIPAA training course.  However, dedicated individuals who have their heart and soul in providing outstanding service in healthcare welcome such training because they understand the value it offers.

HIPAA training for managers and those in teaching positions is designed for anyone working full-time.  These individuals are required to complete the basic course, as well as a more advanced course designed specifically for their level of authority. This means Basic HIPAA training and HIPAA Certificate of Training that documents seminar attendance for implementing privacy rules in human subject research, or completion of an online HIPAA Research training module are required.

Source by Kurt Duncan